hello everyone! finally i posted again on a friday. i'm so sorry for not doing it before but i took this time off in college to write more and i have some waiting to be publish soon.
but, here i’ll bring you my soundtrack of my life!

inspired in this article
let's go!

opening credits: ‘sad songs in the summer’ by olivia o’brien

‘sad songs in the summer
heartbreak through the stereo’
aesthetic, pink, and quotes image quotes, love, and aesthetic image

theme of your birth: ‘autumn leaves’ by ed sheeran

‘my symphony played the song that carried you out’
autumn, fall, and book image aesthetic, autumn, and Effects image

first day at school: ‘la despedida’ by cami

‘viento llévate el miedo
de cada uno de sus cabellos
tiempo hazle cariño
a cada uno de sus recuerdos’
study, school, and college image book, bag, and aesthetic image

first fight: ‘clued up’ by little mix

‘tear me down, want to see me drown
like being happy is such a sin’
quotes, fight, and hell image aesthetic, fashion, and dark image

first loving frustration: ‘change my mind’ by one direction

‘but baby if you say you want me to stay
i’ll change my mind’
quotes, aesthetic, and I Love You image book, books, and poetry image

theme of your school life: ‘outlaws’ by alessia cara

‘run, run ‘cause we’re guilty as sin
run ‘cause we know we won’t win’
yellow, school, and vintage image aesthetic, corridor, and hall image

theme of your adult life: ‘why don’t we go there’ by one direction

‘your secret’s safe with me
there’s no right time or place’
grunge, emma roberts, and indie image car, funny, and Adult image

your valentine song: ‘always remember us this way’ by lady gaga

‘lovers in the night
poets trying to write
we don’t know how to rhyme
but damn, we try’
couple, love, and dance image anime, wallpaper, and train image

first define relationship: ‘honest’ by shawn mendes

‘you deserve more than i can promise’
flowers, sunset, and aesthetic image love, couple, and aesthetic image

your wedding song: ‘fire away’ by niall horan

‘you might be lost but i ain’t losing you’
aesthetic, fashion, and hijab image wedding, couple, and love image

your ‘first time’: ‘fool’ by naomi scott

‘you feel the same, i can see it
when i call your name, you’re the only one i can blame’
aesthetic, black, and dark image aesthetic, beautiful, and girl image

song that define your sex life: ‘red planet’ by little mix (t-boz)

‘in your heart, i found mine
fill me with your life’
abs, aesthetic, and art image Image by αทαťҽɾɾα☼☽☆゚

first song played in your car: ‘open arms’ by prettymuch

‘so when you’re ready you know where to find me’
car, driving, and desert image mountain, schweiz, and himmel image

theme of your flashbacks: ‘younger’ by ruel

‘you and me were so, so close
and maybe that’s what hurts the most
it’s out of my hands, i’ve done what i can
so i just save my breath’
memories and quotes image girl and outfit image

song of the birth of your first child: ‘moonlight’ by grace vanderwaal

‘the light from your eyes made it feel like
we were dancing in the moonlight’
quotes, life, and time image aesthetics, white, and five feet apart image

song that will be playing when you die: ‘hide your ghost’ by sawyer fredericks

‘and the tyrant has your life spent on the lies he feeds his kind with
and we all will suffer and all will die for the other’
aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image art, quotes, and aesthetic image

song that will be playing on your funeral: ‘common’ by maren morris

‘i've been tryna carry on
but i'm crushed under the weight
of the world where i belong’
flowers, nature, and aesthetic image aesthetics, inspiration, and nature image

final credits: ‘give me love’ by ed sheeran

‘give me love like never before
'cause lately i've been craving more
and it's been a while but i still feel the same
maybe i should let you go’
aesthetics, boom box, and car image aesthetics, bff, and girly image

thank you so much for reading! i'm thinking about making an actual playlist on spotify from this challenge, but i don't know, if i do i'll tell you.

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