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I am back with another gossip girl article! This one is a special one, because it includes all Manhattan’s elite members. There were definitely some strong personalities, and there were known birth dates, as well. Let's see with which character you identify with. That being said, everyone can look down below, the zodiac signs of the character from your fav show!

  • Aquarius - Vanessa
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Aquarius birthdays go from January 20 to February 19, which means that Vanessa Abrams was one, as she entered the world on February 19. Some traits related to this sign include being creative and unique, which certainly sounds like this character. She is the most free-spirited of all the Gossip Girl characters. She does seem to go where the wind takes her. Shewants to experience culture and freedom From the documentaries she made to the vibrant outfits she wore, Vanessa is a true Aquarius.
  • Sagittarius - Carter Baizen
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Carter is handsome and charming, which is no surprise he manages to score Blair and Serena at one point. As a Sagittarius, Carter is fun, wild, independent, very outgoing, and exciting. He is also highly social, friendly, adventurous and lives his life a little bit too much to the fullest as we see this character struggle with a gambling problem and bad decisions.This sign is unemotional and not clingy and loves their freedom. One cool thing about this sign though is that they can be very spontaneous which leads to them never really stay at the same spot for too long yet, they are always able to pick up right where they left off.
  • Pisces - Eric
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Next up would be Pisces, with birth dates ranging from February 20 to March 20. These types are caring and sensitive, just like Eric van der Woodsen. He was born on February 21, and he was one of the most genuine characters within the series. He was not afraid to share his feelings, and he let his loved ones know he was there for them. Eric feels everything, too deeply it seems, and is prone to self-harm. He knows what lies in everyone's hearts because he is observant, compassionate, and likes to stir up drama without ever being perceived as a part of it.
  • Libra - Lily
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Lily has had more marriages than I’ve had boyfriends. She is a Manhattan socialite and like a true Libra, she’s materialistic, social, and loves the extravagant lifestyle. Lily will stop at nothing to protect her perfect public image, and the reputations of her children since they’re a reflection of her. Lily can never be alone, which is why we see her constantly jumping from one man to another, just like her daughter. Lily cares about everyone, even Chuck, but not more than she cares about protecting what she deems hers. Lily never forgets a slight or a betrayal, not from Georgina, not from Ivy, not from Rufus, and not from her own sister.
  • Virgo - Ivy
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Those who are vibrant, as well as a bit impulsive are defenetly virgos, like Ivy. She was a colorful and extroverted young woman, and impulsive could definitely be a word to describe her pretending to be someone else, lying to everyone, kicking a family out of their home and so on. Like any Virgo that's been hurt, there's something unhinged about Ivy, something born of a past marked by abandonment and scarcity, that moves her to manipulate others as a form of not only self-protection but self-righteousness. Still, she can't help but offer everything up to the people she cons — falling for the van der Woodsens, Dan, and his father in turn. Love and betrayal live inside Ivy as one impulse.
  • Gemini - Georgina
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Georgina is the chaos demon of Gossip Girl, and Geminis everywhere have earned the right to collect their chaos demons when and where they arise. It's not that one HAS to be a Gemini to be a chaos demon, it's just that one is more likely to be good at it. Ok, the whole two personality thing can be used for good, but it can also, as proven by Gossip Girl’s fiercest villain, be used for not so good. But every sign has its less flattering parts, so let’s focus on the positive: Most Gems share Georgina’s smarts, quick wit and chameleon-like versatility. On the bright side, Georgina is very resourceful, and, on occasion, her schemes do come in handy. She does have some sort of twisted loyalty to the people she toys with. And she's absolutely a Gemeni.
  • Leo - Jenny
gossip girl and jenny humphrey image aesthetic, astrology, and Leo image
Jenny manages to constantly rise up and be the center of attention. She even almost wins a war against MOTHER F*CKING BLAIR when she’s just a freshman! She is truly invincible, like a Leo. Like the Leo that she is, Jenny’s goal since day one is to not only fit in but to be admired and recognized by the Upper East Side, and she’ll stop at nothing to reach that goal. Being a Leo and a teenager, she can be self-absorbed, always looking out for number one. As a typical Leo, she also tends to let fame and fortune get to her head too easily. I still hate her anyway but she has a strong personality.
  • Taurus - Dan
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Those born anywhere from April 20 to May 20 will find Taurus as their zodiac sign, and some descriptive words for these people include being dependable and ambitious, as well as a bit stubborn. This fits Dan Humphrey well, which makes sense, as his birthday was April 20. He was a good guy, deep down, who tried to do the right thing. He had goals he wanted to reach. But he could be stuck in his ways. Dan spends his free time calling everyone else phonies and then feeling left out. He is, by his own estimation, mister integrity, and it is his very belief in his moral high ground that helps him slip-slide into harmful self-indulgent behavior.
  • Aries - Nate
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Aries are associated with the dates going from March 21 to April 19, and they are outgoing, passionate, and to the point. Nate falls into this category, as he was born on April 5. He is however loyal, fun-loving, and charming like most fire signs are. While everyone else on the show can't help but go back to old lovers, Nate grows up to move on. He admires people who work hard to become who they are, like Lola and like Raina Thorpe, and he finds a way to connect with all of them despite being from "different worlds."
  • Cancer - Serena
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Serena van der Woodsen, one of the stars, was a Cancer, with her birthday on July 14. The birth dates range from June 21 to July 22, and the positive traits include being protective and persuasive, while the negative ones may be moody and manipulative. Her messy distinctive mane, her easy claim to attention, her effortless charisma. Serena doesn't have to work for attention; in fact, she spends most of Gossip Girl's six seasons pouting about her desire to be left alone. When pushed, Serena is ready to make anyone sorry they ever stepped into her light. Serena, like most Cancers, rarely apologizes but often forgives in exchange for a little sweetness. She has a big ego but an even bigger heart.
  • Capricorn - Chuck
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Capricorns are serious and disciplined, and this can even come across as stubborn. While Chuck Bass certainly knew how to have fun and took a few years before growing up and getting serious, this sounds like him. Chuck, as a teenager, is a deeply wounded character who spends his time exerting his pain and rage onto women around him. But, Chuck commits himself to growth, to therapy, to a dog, and to Blair. He wants to grow, and he doesn't thrive in solitude. And that makes sense: A Capricorn enters the world in the dates ranging from December 22 to January 19, and Chuck’s birthday was January 19.
  • Scorpio - Blair
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Scorpios find their birth dates anywhere from October 23 to November 21, like Blair Waldorf, who was born on November 15. Blair might not have been as ostentatiously spotlight-stealing as Serena, but that doesn’t mean she’s any less of a Queen B. Scorpio ladies are focused and intuitive. They know what they want (ahem, Chuck), and will do whatever it takes to get it. She is also a super motivator, and hels the people around her become the best version of themselves (ahem, Chuck again). She is an aesthete and an intellectual. She values ideas, luxury, and social networking. Marriage and partnership are integral parts of Blair's story. You hurt her, she hurts you socially (blackballing, ostracizing).
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