What if seasons were girls?

Image by Zeinab ✨ girl, travel, and freedom image eye, fashion, and girl image aesthetic, alternative, and beauty image

- Hair: brown, medium long
- Eyes: green
- Particular signs: freckles
- Favorite colors: Pink & Green
- Outfit: short dress and ballet flats shoes

flowers, nature, and sunset image book, aesthetic, and nature image picnic, aesthetic, and food image dessert, green, and lime image
Likes: flowers, reading and picnics
summer, girl, and beach image summer, beach, and fitness image makeup, eyes, and make up image fashion, girl, and outfit image

- Hair: blonde, long
- Eyes: blue
- Particular signs: none
- Favorite color: Orange
- Outfit: T-shirts/top, shorts, sunglasess and sandals

Inspiring Image on We Heart It gelato, ice cream, and italy image fireworks, summer, and friends image flowers, orange, and roses image
Likes: surfing, ice cream and beach party
hair image girl image eyes, eye, and eyebrows image book, glasses, and read image

- Hair: ginger, long
- Eyes: hazel
- Particular signs: glasses
- Favorite color: Red
- Outfit: sweatshirt, trousers and boots

school and university image aesthetic, cup, and tea image boots, log, and nature image red, aesthetic, and bike image
Likes: studying, tea and walking
girl, christmas, and hair image beautiful, beauty, and dreaming image eyes, eye, and blonde image fashion, style, and girl image

- Hair: light blond, long
- Eyes: Light blue/ ice
- Particular signs: none
- Favorite color: White
- Outfit: Sweater, long coat, trousers, trainers/boots

christmas, winter, and decoration image life, snow, and vinter image winter and drink image snow, love, and heart image
Likes: Christmas decorations, skiing and hot chocolate