It is summer time and we all know it but do you also know about the sunshine vitamine? I just wanted to give briefly informations about the vitamine D.

Enjoy your readings! ;)

Generally vitamine D is the sunshine vitamine. Our body produces this vitamine whenever we get exposed to the sunlight. (New born babies or babies in general have a lack of vitamine D, so the doctor suggests parents Vitamine D drops, so called Baby Ddrops (the name is cute omg))

As an adult you can lack of vitamine D. However I would suggest you not to take vitamine supplements on your own because you think you lack of some vitamines. It would harm you, you would have hypervitaminosis (which means you have too many vitamines in your body ... too many is bad and a lack is also bad too). That means if your doctor tells you that you lack of vitamine D for example, you could take these supplements.

That's all I have now for you guys. Enjoy the sunny days and spread the positivity!

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