day seven: share a childhood memory

i think that my favorite memories from childhood are the christmas mornings, a couple years ago i had lost my christmas spirit now i have it back, but i remember being so nostalgic for it. it's funny how some events we experience diferently as we grow up despite being the same holiday.

i remember the cold mornings, when the christmas tree was taller than me, staying all day on pjs with my family and having christmas carols playing 24/7, with pancakes cooking in the kitchen. the night before christmas we would go to sleep quite early to wait for santa and we also used to leave cookies and milk. the next day i would wake up so EARLY literally 4am, go to my sister's room and then go downstairs to see the gifts.

once we had seen them, we will go upstairs to my parent's room and show them all the new toys, clothes, accesories... we got. and usually we would spend the rest of the day playing, watching christmas movies and eating baked cookies. so yeah it was whismical, cozy, fun and magical. now of course we do 1% of those things, family isn't what it used to be, but i'm happy that i got to experience that and that my 5-11 year-old self was so happy and lived in the moment<3

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ps. can't wait for christmas 2020<3