hello! in this freezing morning -in chile is winter- i decided to start one of the most difficult things for me to do: think about the things that i like about myself. at school, i had to do it all of the times, apparently my teachers thought that the way to earn confidence is by doing this exercise, but for me it was so difficult to do so, most of the times i ended up not finishing or not even starting.

but here i’m, and i’ll try to do my best.

let’s begin!

🌻 day vii: write about three things you like about you.

  • i’m a good listener?
since i was really young i found myself as a listener more than a person who talks. i hear more than what people think, and i think i have the capacity to bring calmness and balance when people need it. i’m not an sponge -which is good- i don’t take the pain and suffering from the people who need me and stress myself about it. and, what i always try to do is to give -not hope, because that is such a dangerous way to see life- but the urge to make a change, not wait until someone saves them, but i help them see that they’re their own savior and that friends and family are there to support them in their way to peace and greatness. so, yeah, i think that’s something that i love about me. because they always let me know how important my advice and my support was and is to them.
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freak fact: before thinking to study history in college, i wanted to be a psychologist.
  • my loyalty
this is a value that i care deeply about. i’m loyal to my family, friends, but -most of all- by morals. i fight with teeth and bones until the end for the things that i care about. that doesn’t mean that i don’t question them or that i’m strong-minded, but i will always be for the people that i love and -i don’t know if it’s good or not but- i’ll never forget. is a thing that i love, but it also can bring a lot of pain.
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  • my way to see life
i’m not an optimist, neither a pessimist. i consider myself as someone who is in the middle of both. i try to see life as it is. with their flaws and beauty. i put myself in the worst case escenario so i get the chance to be surprise and appreciate more the little things in life. i’ve been through so much in my life, that every time that i can, i look back and smile to those little things. i don’t know if this is making any sense, but if you do understand i’ll be really happy.
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thank you for reading!
this one was such a hard article to write. as you can probably see i have a pretty low self esteem but i’m working on loving and accepting myself the way i am.

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