Favourite Male Character

Joey Tribbiani
friends, pizza, and Joey image Image by jojo friends, joey tribbiani, and Matt LeBlanc image friends, Matt LeBlanc, and Joey image

Favorite Female Character

Phoebe Buffay
friends and phoebe image 00s, 90s, and actress image actress, fashion, and Lisa Kudrow image friends, phoebe buffay, and Lisa Kudrow image

With Which Character Do You Feel Identified The Most?

Rachel Green
Image removed friends, quotes, and rachel image Image by Private User friends, alcohol, and quotes image
actually my friends said that I'm just like Rachel lmao

Favourite Couple

Chandler & Monica
friends, chandler bing, and monica geller image friends, couple, and chandler bing image friends, chandler, and monica image friends, chandler bing, and monica geller image

Least Favourite Character

casamento, emily, and wedding image emily, funny, and life image

Favourite Friendship

Chandler & Joey
amazing, hats, and yay image Image removed friends, chandler bing, and joey tribbiani image friends, chandler, and duck image

Favourite Character's Style

rachel green, 70s, and 90s image rachel green, chandler bing, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. image 90's, blonde, and netflix image friends image

Favourite Character Outside the Group

Mike Hannigan
2002, handsome, and paul rudd image 00s, handsome, and paul rudd image 00s, goals, and paul rudd image 00s, handsome, and paul rudd image

Funniest Scene

friends, ross, and quotes image friends, art, and meme image thanksgiving football image friends, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and rachel image bath, chandler bing, and Jennifer Aniston image friends, monica, and chandler image
Impossible to choose but these were memorable for me

Favourite Episodes

brother, lol, and old image friends, chandler, and rachel image chandler, phoebe, and dress image friends, chandler, and monica image ross geller, friends ross, and friends image friends, Joey, and rachel image
The One With the Prom Video (02x14), The One With the Football (03x09), The One Where Everybody Finds Out (05x14), The One with the Proposal (06x24/25), The One where Ross is fine (10x02), The One With the Late Thanksgiving (10x08)

Central Perk or Monica's apartment?

*-*, chandler, and Joey image chandler bing, Courteney Cox, and David Schwimmer image friends, series, and chandler image friends, christmas, and chandler bing image friends, monica, and rachel image chandler bing, monica geller, and phoebe buffay image
so much things happened in this apartment
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