So here is the thing, I wanted to go vegetarian for a long time ago, first 'cause I didn't thought it would be possible to be vegan at the first time. I came up with the idea about 5 years ago I think, and surprisingly for me, the feedback I receive it was only to tear my ideas down ... "you crazy" "you're never gonna make it" "you're just gonna do it because it's IT now" and so on.
Then I gave up, with all the people around me just tearing me down I didn't. And I know it sound stupid, because I let others tell me what to do with my body, self and health. At that moment I was too shy, too influenciable and a little childish.
About 3 days ago I said to my sister I would stop eating meat and she was like "then what are you going to eat then?" and I just turn around and leave the room, because she was making the same comments they did 5 years ago, so I decided to shout out the world around me and start making the change all by myself. Today I receive my exams results and it turned out, I truly need to stop eating that kind of food, so everything: advices, articles, recipes, etc. are well receive it here on my profile or in my email account which is:
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