I literally LOVE doing questions, so here's another question tag. Enjoy!

Inspired by:

mermaids or angels?

angel, art, and aesthetic image art, aesthetic, and architecture image
Angels :)

1900s or 2000s?

red, aesthetic, and vintage image monterey, holidays, and pretty image

smooth jazz or beautiful classical?

aesthetic, b&w, and band image violin, music, and black and white image
beautiful classical

extrovert, ambivert, introvert?

quotes, that 70s show, and funny image 90s, aesthetic, and alone image

chocolate bars or lollipops?

candies, candy bar, and fudge image chocolate, food, and sweet image
Chocolate bars

movies or books?

heath ledger, 10 things i hate about you, and movie image aesthetic, retro, and vintage image

spring or fall?

flowers, aesthetic, and spring image aesthetic, food, and summer image

rain or sunshine?

book, coffee, and rain image Image by AlinaSavelieva

dancing or singing?

Temporarily removed music, article, and microphone image

tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

vegan and hot ​chocolate image autumn, fall, and food image
Hot Chocolate

favorite song?

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
I have other songs that are my favorite favorites, but I love Mirrorball right now!

favorite scent?

Image by AlinaSavelieva Image by AlinaSavelieva
Roses and paper

when do you normally wake up?

aesthetic, books, and chill image book, girl, and bed image
On school days: 6:00 a.m. on other days: 9:00 a.m.

favorite book?

books, heartless, and marissa meyer image heartless, bookstagram, and book image
Heartless by Marissa Meyer

have you ever cried over a lover?

triste and sad image boy, aesthetic, and sad image
The question is... have I ever even had a lover? The answer is no to both.

favorite subject?

aesthetic, old, and academia image aesthetic, book, and dark academia image

least favorite subject?

art and painting image Image removed

took dance classes?

ballet, dance, and mirror image Image removed
I took ballet for three years when I was younger, then had a conflict in my scheduling and decided to only do gymnastics.

first idol in life?

blanco y negro, cine, and belleza image blanco y negro, cine, and belleza image
Olivia de Havilland. I'm not sure why I used to love her so much, but she was my icon.

what game were you best at gym class?

Image removed red, aesthetic, and white image
I was best at sitting on the bench or walking because I was sick most of the time. But I guess Cats in the Corner.

where do you go to study?

study, book, and coffee image Image by engels.ehefrau
I go to a private high school.

greatest wish?

Image removed Image removed
To conquer my physical and mental health issues

Thank you for reading!