i guess we all ask for other people's opinion on certain things or just in general care about what they think. completely ignoring the fact that ourselves are one individual too. even though you can't have a face to face conversation, unless it's in front of a mirror. you need to communicate with yourself.

which means, stop seeking for other people's reassurance anymore. if you have your mind set to do something, try to hype yourself up rather than overthinking and seeking someone else who will tell you to do it

be your own best friend

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it is hard, of course. but admire yourself. we put certain requirements in another person to be qualified to be our best friend or just in general our "type." and well, that's what you like. why do you need to find your type in someone else. you're a human being, you can grow and get new habits - literally you're allowed to change the way you are so you will like yourself more. which, by the way is completely different from changing yourself to be liked by other people. be what you want, rather than what other people want.

if you become your own best friend, you will do what you wanna do. even if people try to talk you down or hype you up. the goal is to realise that in the end of the day you're the only person you have. you're the only person who can tell yourself to get up and hit the gym every single morning, basically be your own partner. you're the only one who can tell yourself to go to bed at a reasonable hour. you're the only one who can tell yourself to study instead of procrastinate. you're the only one who can tell yourself to drink water when you're thirsty. you're literally the only person who knows how you feel.

respect yourself

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respect yourself. i know that a lot people feel insecure and maybe even feel a slight of self-loathe. but try to realise that by respecting yourself, it does not mean to stay in that comfort zone. it's by pushing yourself out of it and dragging your ass out to the world. and you do not need another person in your life to do that, rather than yourself.

do not look for someone else to accept you. try to accept yourself.

accept that you might love chocolate and maybe perhaps need to eat it every single day, but then respect your body and health and make sure to hit the gym a few times too.

accept that you might need to eat food you don't like, because you respect your own health and wanna give it the nutritions it needs.

accept that your mind sometimes needs to relax sometimes and do not stress it too much.

just accept what you need, even if it doesn't always have to be what you want.

legit just respect yourself.

stop waiting

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nobody is going to tell you to do nada. you are you. you know you. you know what you want. you know what you need.

nobody else does know that. don't ask for support, you don't need it. try to have your own back, because in most cases people are the obstacle and literally the ones who prevent you from shining.

love, cami

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