hi as promised, here's me writing my second article within 24 hours lol. 2020 was a shit show. I am convinced that we are living in a simulation that has a virus because what explanation is there for such a terrible year.
2020 was a good year for reaching my goals but lately everything has been sad and going downhill. even though this year was not what any of us excepted, we can still work on achieving our goals. I am buried under stress and anxiety right now but I really want to finish off the year, happy and content.


achieve my ideal body

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health and fitness is something that I am actually very passionate about. lately I kind of fell of tracks so getting back on track is my main goal for august. I want to be content with my body and be confident by the end of 2020.

grow out my hair to waist length

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I am obsessed with growing out my hair. It's below chest length now and I want to have waist length hair by the end of the year.

take better care of my hair, skin, and health

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this is obvious. I want to start taking care of myself more by pampering myself. I want to try face masks, vitamins, healthy recipes, new workouts.

finish off the semester strong

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school starts in seventeen days for me. I want to start and finish the semester with straight As and actually not procrastinate my schoolwork so I can finish my work with time left

complete my college apps successfully

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I am a hs senior. I want to finish my essays and applications with time to spare so I don't bs any application.

workout 5 times a week

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I used to religiously workout so I want to start working out again. five days at least

decrease my screen time

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my average screen time this week was 5 hrs and 20 mins. I would ideally like to decrease it to around 2-3 hrs but it's so hard to get off twitter

thank you for reading! I really really appreciate it. I hope that you have a great day or night.