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Hey and welcome to this idle-related article!!

I am just soo excited because (g)i-dle is my favorite kpop group out there -- that's why I love to write about them.

Today, I want to update my answers to the (g)i-dle tag!

Enjoy! :)

(P.S.: Here is my old article, see what changed! :) )


1; Bias

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it used to be Soyeon, but now every member is my bias, haha. I cannot choose between them anymore!

2; Bias wrecker

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There is none! Everyone is my bias and bias wrecker lol

3; Favorite song at the moment

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Right now, it's 'Oh My God' - everything is sooo addictive!

4; Favorite album

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'I AM' is definitely my all-time favorite album, because it shows the potencial and talent these girls had as they debuted! And there are also many underrated songs.

5; Favorite digital single

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They have great singles but 'Hann' is just the best. The melody is haunting and charming at the same time - the song itself is just iconic. However 'DUMDi DUMDi' deserves an honorable mention too. :)

6; Favorite MV

OH MY GOD, low quality, and shuhua image Image removed
Who are we kidding? It's 'Oh My God' - the MV is just a whole movie! And everything is so stunning and divine.

7; Most underrated song

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'Uh-Oh' & 'Senorita'

8; First song I heard

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'Latata' - been here since their debut

9; Favorite friendship

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I love their ot6 friendship - but the friendship between Shuhua & Soojin (+ mIyeon) stands out the most, hehe.

10; Favorite 'Queendom' Performance

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Their 'LION' performance for sure!!

11; Best song Minnie composed

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'i'M THE TREND' (composed by Minnie and Yuqi) - don't get me wrong, 'Blow your mind' was also a bop but I prefer 'i'M THE TREND'

12; Best summer comeback

icon, miyeon, and cho miyeon image icon, idle, and soojin image
'DUMDi DUMDi' and no one can tell me otherwise.

13; Best era

gidle, kpop, and minnie image gidle, i trust, and shuhua image gidle, soojin, and kpop image
Can't decide bewteen three of them, so here they are: Senorita ; Oh My God & DUMDi DUMDi

14; Best choreo

soojin, gidle, and kpop image soojin, gidle, and kpop image
Latata and Lion

15; Favorite collab

empire, minnie, and wengie image hyoyeon, loopy, and (g)i-dle image
'Empire' (Wengie ft. Minnie) & 'Dessert' (Hyo ft. Soyeon, Loopy)

16; Soyeon's era

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Latata Era - she stands out to me there more than for example in Uh-Oh

17; Yuqi's era

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'Senorita' - her hair color and clothing was just sooo adorable. I loved it.

18; Soojin's era

gidle, kpop, and soojin image gidle, kpop, and soojin image
'Hann' was just ICONIC - and she really did own this era!!

+ honorable mention in my opinion:

OH MY GOD, low quality, and soojin image aesthetic, soojin, and g idle image
'Oh my God' - era

19; Shuhua's era

gidle and shuhua image gidle and shuhua image
The 'Lion' -era was just Shuhua! She owned it, this was her era! The confidence, the visuals, the whole package!! + her queendom opening for lion!

20; Miyeon's era

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Definitely 'DUMDi DUMDi' - era. She looked so classy, chic and stunning in it! I intsantly fell in love with her in this era and thought to myself: This is her era.

21; Minnie's era

kpop, minnie, and 민니 image minnie, OH MY GOD, and low quality image
Hands down, 'Oh My God' - era! It was like she played in a movie and was the main character! Never question her acting skills like omg!

+ honorable mention

idle, minnie, and gidle image minnie, uh-oh, and gidle image
She was just this badass woman who called out her haters! Loved it!

22; Least favorite era

Image by 𝙎𝙀𝙍𝙀𝙉𝘿𝙄𝙋𝙄𝙏𝙔 gg, girls, and kpop image
First of all: I love every era BUT compared to the others, 'Latata' isn't the most outstanding one! :) That's why it is my least favorite one :)

33; Best english version

OH MY GOD, (g)i-dle, and yuqi image 2nd mini album, seo soojin, and OH MY GOD image
The english version of 'oh My God' - Shuhuas part is another level! <3

34; Best Japanese track

shuhua, (g)i-dle, and yeh shuhua image minnie, soojin, and shuhua image
'For You'


That's it for now! :)

I guess, in one year or in two years there'll be another update hehe.

Have agood day/night!