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I changed a few 'questions' since I don't really watch Anime or anything similar.

My Aesthetic

Temporarily removed aesthetic, aesthetics, and brown image guitar image quotes, nature, and aesthetic image
art, cinematography, and gif image
stan, stanley, and netflix image flowers, girl, and smile image Inspiring Image on We Heart It peace, love, and plants image
more of my aesthetic for those who are interested:

Movie Character Aesthetic

hair image art, black, and murder image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Abusive image
gif, johnny depp, and sweeney todd image
Inspiring Image on We Heart It Image by larksings london image story image
Sweeney Todd; Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

TV Show Character Aesthetic

Image by the Authoress castle image dragon, skin, and eye image book, magic, and aesthetic image
bbc, gif, and middle ages image
eye and eyes image merlin, colinmorgan, and beautiful image merlin image alternative, autumn, and dark image

TV Sitcom Character Aesthetic

hair, aesthetic, and blonde image clothes, shoes, and vintage fashion image phoebe, f.r.i.e.n.d.s, and friends tv show image autumn, back, and beautiful image
friends, funny, and phoebe image
guitar, flowers, and music image flowers, quilt, and cute image Image by Ɗaωƞ ℱཞoՏt ️ art and quotes image
Phoebe Buffay;Friends

Book Character Aesthetic

gatsby image quote and the great gatsby image leonardo dicaprio, the great gatsby, and gatsby image party, the great gatsby, and gatsby image
film, jay gatsby, and gif image
luxury, house, and interior image Image by hecate couple, daisy, and gatsby image baile, ballroom, and chicago image
Jay Gatsby;The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Cartoon Character Aesthetic

Image by Kaley Image by larksings once upon a time, aesthetic, and book image forest, nature, and light image
Temporarily removed
aesthetic, peter pan, and tattoo image fairy, garden, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed photography, nature, and neverland image
Peter Pan;Peter Pan

Superhero Aesthetic

Temporarily removed books, boy, and vintage image life and plan image Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed
red, shoes, and converse image shirt, autumn, and fall image Temporarily removed Image by capricorn✨
Peter Parker - Spider-Man;MCU

Mythology Character Aesthetic

angel, wings, and aesthetic image tragedy, aesthetic, and quotes image amazing, anime, and brazil image sky image
paisaje, yellow, and beautiful image
background image Carlisle Cullen image beach, summer, and boy image sky, ocean, and aesthetic image
Icarus;Greek Mythology

Artist Aesthetic

Image removed aesthetic, brave, and green image Temporarily removed Image removed
Temporarily removed
Temporarily removed fashion, gucci, and jacket image Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Harry Styles

Band Aesthetic

Bavarian, germany, and lake image accesories, band, and boy image boy, vintage, and light image vintage, music, and vinyl image
gif, guys, and hippie image
car, green, and sky image peace, peaceful, and quote image Pink Floyd, bob dylan, and eric clapton image disco, girl, and vintage image
Greta Van Fleet

Album Aesthetic

art, colorful, and glitch art image Pink Floyd image Image removed theme, aesthetic, and dark image
gif image
boy, aesthetic, and sad image Image by chabycake Pink Floyd image words, mots, and wish you were here image
Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd

Movie Aesthetic

music, chopin, and notes image dinner, green, and flowers image Temporarily removed film, call me by your name, and movie image
gif, oliver, and elio image
Image removed piano, dark academia, and aesthetic image amazing, beautiful, and fashion image nature and green image
Call Me By Your Name

TV Show Aesthetic

aesthetic, dress, and floral image Temporarily removed girl, book, and le petit prince image food, cheese, and yummy image
pregnant, virgin, and jane the virgin image
hand, photography, and vintage image cardboard packing boxes and boxes for house moving image Image by lex clarke quilt, blanket, and patchwork image
Jane The Virgin

TV Sitcom Aesthetic

aesthetic and vintage image that 70s show, fez, and high image food, burger, and indie image that 70s show and eric forman image
that 70's show and gif image
hyde, jackie, and kelso image car, vintage, and aesthetic image 35mm, alternative, and analog image beer image
That 70's Show

Animated Film Aesthetic

girl, aesthetic, and dress image coffee, photo, and tea image door image food image
alice in wonderland and gif image
flowers, rabbit, and animal image nature, tree, and alice in wonderland image garden, nature, and green image clock, aesthetic, and time image
Alice In Wonderland

Musical Aesthetic

sky, nature, and blue image sea, summer, and beach image bed, vintage, and blue image flowers, travel, and door image
Temporarily removed
girl, summer, and blonde image orange, fruit, and aesthetic image boho, hippie, and home image lily james and mamma mia 2 image
Mamma Mia!

Family Aesthetic

the umbrella academy image dad, aesthetic, and black image family, girl, and her image child, alone, and creepy image
Temporarily removed
apart, couple, and hands image love, mum, and quotes image quotes, aesthetic, and draco malfoy image the umbrella academy image
Hargreeves Family;The Umbrella Academy

Someone Who Exist In Real Life Aesthetic

Inspiring Image on We Heart It music, old, and turntable image photo, photography, and piano image Image by Rosario
gif, john, and elton image
sunglasses, vintage, and 90s image elton john, lovely, and glasses image disco, party, and grunge image aesthetic, cillian murphy, and david bowie image
Elton John