Hi everyone! After many months of lockdown, I realised how I may not have been taking care of my body as much as I could've been. It's now August and I go back to college in September, so I thought it was time to make a change!

I don't exactly have a set routine, but i'm currently happy with the changes i've made, so i thought i'd share some tips & what i've done to feel more confident and happy with my body.

Disclaimer: this is only what i've done to feel happy & healthy, i'm not saying this is what everyone has to do!

1. Wake up early & get a good night's sleep

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I won't lie, there was a point where I was going to sleep between 3 and 6am, and waking up in the afternoon. I didn't feel good waking up so late, and since changing this habit i've felt so much better! Now i'd say i get around 6-8 hours sleep (which is enough for me, you may be different) and wake up at an early time. Waking up early has allowed me to feel motivated and productive throughout the day.

2. 3 Meals a day

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I'm not entirely sure how my diet was before, but now I wake up early I've been able to fit in 3 meals to my day - breakfast, lunch and dinner (preferably healthy meals). Having 3 meals has allowed me to feel fulfilled after eating- which prevents me from overeating during the day.
Another little tip is that I've slowed down the speed I eat! I don't know how well this works for anyone else but it makes me feel like i'm eating more than i am (which makes me more full).

A YouTuber i've been loving for healthy food ideas is Liezl Jayne Strydom, here is her channel -

3. Reduce Snacks

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This one links into my last point, due to having 3 hearty meals a day, its made me feel less hungry throughout the day which prevents me from snacking. But of course, if you're hungry, eat something! I usually get hungry at some point between lunch and dinner but instead of reaching for biscuits and cake like I used to, I opt for a yoghurt or some fruit.

4. Drink more water

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This one has been so important! Throughout the day i've been refilling my glass/water bottle to make sure i've been drinking enough. Drinking more water has also helped me to get a good night's sleep :)

5. Workouts

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I've never been bad with doing workouts, I just hadn't been doing them often enough. Now I try to do one everyday, usually at some point between 9am - 12pm (and sometimes one in the evening before bed). Doing workouts (cardio especially) helps me get a good night's sleep also.

This is the workout i've been doing mostly everyday - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NmCXy7oMsOs
I really like it because it doesn't make me ache so i'm able to do it everyday!

Thank you for reading! ღ

If you'd like to know anything in more detail feel free to message me and I can make an article on it :)

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