Inspired By

♥ name ♥

aesthetic, cyber, and dark image Image removed
Harmatia: A Tragic or Fatal Flaw [Roman Equivalent is the same]

♥ titles ♥

wallpaper, black, and sea image fate, quotes, and cruel image candle, fire, and aesthetic image piano, music, and aesthetic image
Goddess of tragic backstories, fatal flaws, and past regrets

♥ appearance ♥

Temporarily removed aesthetic, eyes, and eye image Temporarily removed Image by Ailbhe
dark brown hair, chestnut eyes, fair skin, short

♥ symbols ♥

cat, black, and animal image flower, rose, and broken image
black cats and wilted flowers

♥ personality ♥

quotes, hero, and woman image amy lee, beautiful, and control image quotes, woman, and words image Temporarily removed
Very independent and has only a few friends, she is unpredictable in most situations, she acts tough but is a softie

♥ style ♥

fashion, black, and style image fashion, nike, and outfit image fashion, outfit, and black image fashion, black, and style image
On earth: Casual
fashion, dress, and outfit image Image removed aesthetic, black, and fashion image fashion, style, and outfit image
On earth: Formal
fashion and style image snake, model, and gold image glitter, gold, and necklace image hair, hairstyle, and style image
On Mount Olympus

♥ parents ♥

Image by D Y F A C C O aesthetic and architecture image
mother: Nemesis [goddess of divine retribution] father: Phobos [god of fear]

♥ love interest ♥

black and motorcycle image gloves, aesthetic, and black image aesthetic and map image love, couple, and sunset image
While visiting Earth, Harmatia joins a biker gang. She falls in love with one of the members. She denies her feelings at first but soon accepts them. She goes on a road trip with him and expresses her love. The mortal rejects her and Harmatia leaves Earth in anger. After that, she never found love again.

♥ friendships ♥

black and white, dark, and death image Temporarily removed
Persephone: Goddess of Springtime and Queen of the Underworld
flowers, skull, and art image goddess, Greece, and white dress image
Macaria: Goddess of Blessed Death
body, thin, and window image death, sculpture, and statue image
Hypnos: God of Sleep