Aloha, humans around the world! I hope you are doing at least a little well in times where many struggle to be satisfied in total. I am sitting on the couch myself right now because I caught a COLD in the middle of SUMMER, but whatever. Netflix can save me anytime :D
And since I was feeling like doing it today, I thought I'd share some of my favourite skin hacks with you - I have collected them basically around the world.
Especially in summer, the skin can be stressed and heated, and especially with many of you in quarantine, you have some time to take care of it.
Yeah, we all know we should drink water and change our pillowcases! But I got some secrets for you.

Please note: I am not a doctor nor have I studied medicine or health advertisement, this is just personal and may help you too. Also English is not my mothertongue!

1. Cool down, but not the way you may think

Yes, we all know ice cubes are great for the skin. But who has the time to freeze water every 7 days and actually reminds themselves every evening to take one out and rub it all over your face? Besides, if your skin is sensitive, it causes just as much burn as the sun.
No, what I am about to tell you is a trick I learned from a korean woman! And as you may know...they know what's up when it comes to skin care.

All you need is either a small wet towel or a cool pack.
And you don't put it on your face.

You put it on your neck.

Apparently, this helps with the right blood circulation, but as I noticed it also helps with your entire body temperature. This cools your skin from one spot over at least half your body, I am not kidding. It may also help reduce stress and anxious feelings.

On summer days, our skin can be heated and the slightest movement you make can make you sweat. This may cause inflammation and small pimples.

You can leave the towel there for 5 to 15 minutes, just don't make yourself uncomfortable.

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2. Sunscreen

First of all, sunscreen can expire. Many people think this doesn't matter, but just like skincare products, this matters to your face and your acne, believe me.

Invest in a new tube every year if necessary, look at the expiration date and if you don't want to waste it, use it for your legs and shoulders.

Also: Put sunscreen on your acne scars every day. No matter if you go out or stay in the house - this works wonders! Damaged skin can get really pigmented if it's expired to the sun, and especially now, the heat and the light are very agressive.

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3. Do nothing for at least 24 hours

You know these instagram posts or tweets women make about their boyfriends barely using any soap or any product besides shampoo on their skin yet they have totally flawless faces? Yea, that's because the less products you use, the less your 'problematic skin' gets used to them. Your skin is intelligent, if you use a product as soon as there is a pimple, it relies on it instead of developing a natural defense or healing mechanism.
You don't need all of that stuff. Let your skin breathe and keep it natural more often, even over night, even if there is a pimple. Sometimes all it needs is to be left alone.

Try to leave space for detox days/nights. No serum, no toner, just wash your skin with water and let it air dry. No cream, no spot gel. It may not change a lot, especially in the beginning, and you may also feel incomplete if there is nothing on your skin. But that is weird enough if you think about it. Get used to your naked face again! Try to be observant instead of impatient!

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4. Use water differently

I am not speaking of drinking it differently or using a differnt pressure on your shower.
Let me just ask you: How LONG do you wash your face?
And by that I don't mean the part where you put cleanser on it or gel or something. I mean the actual rinsing part.
Make it longer. When you wash your face tonight, just let the water flow for at least 25 seconds and more, and just use the water on your face again and again. You can massage your bare face with warm water if you want to.

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5. Do it yourself and you'll know what's in it.

How well do you know what exactly is mixed into that cream you put on your cheeks? Do you even want to know? Do you just grab the first moistruizer you find in the supermarket and put it on? Have you read what's inside? Probably not, because half of that crap is barely understandable.
So here is my advise for you:
Make your own stuff for once.
That way not only is it fresh, but you will only put on your skin what you really actually control.

Natural ingredients are sooo much better than all the chemicals because drug store exfoliators for example are made with a lot of microplastic and aggressive mixtures that ruin your skin barrier - and that causes acne instead of healing it.

Get yourself some green tea, some rice water or chamomile extract!

Start easy. You don't have to produce your own soap from scratch, just try a watery essence, a toner or a simple face scrub. If it's too much to use it in the end, just freeze some for later. This way it stays fresh.

If you want to have some recipes, please feel free to show it to me with a heart or a reaction to this article, or dm me and I can help you :-)

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6. Puffy face? Try this.

Especially when we wake up, our faces can be swollen from the night, but in summer, it might become a daily issue for some people even when they walk outside. This is a small hack I got from an acupuncturist.
There is a spot behind both of your ears you can easily reach with your hand.
It is around where your neck skin grows into your ear from behind.
Massage that spot, if you're insecure where it is just use your hand entirely, in circles. And after about one minute, you start stroking down until you reach your collarbone, again and again.

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7. Real Talk!

Nothing will help all the time. Sometimes, your situation is just really affecting your entire system. Your skin is your biggest organ, and it is working hard to keep you healthy and detoxes 24/7. No matter if you think of it as pretty or not, it keeps you alive.
Try to appreciate it on a deeper level. Try positive affirmations, yes I am serious, because if it helps your motivation and your mind, why wouldn't it help your skin?
''Others may think it's weird!'' WHo gives a shit, pardon me? This is your body. You can treat it like you want to. Try a reiki program for the skin on youtube or binaural beats if you feel like it.
Sometimes it helps, sometimes it's just the placebo. But who cares?
If you want to fix a problem, just try.
Talk to your skin. If you're embarassed, that's okay! It's just something you learned because shame is a common thing when it comes to focusing on yourself. It will go away if you keep a routine.
If you don't want to say anything out loud, just keep a sentence in your mind and repeat it or listen to positive affirmations on youtube. The less you stress yourself about your skin, the more it will thank you.

That's it! Hope you liked it. My dms are open for questions!
Also, may I suggest, take it with humour. If you read this to get rid of your pimples, we all got some, we know, we understand, and it's okay. It is never as bad as you see it.

Have a lovely day!

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Bye <3