I've wanted to write this since I adopted my cat; however, I wanted to know him better, so this could be more accurate (kind of lol), so, here we go:

name: louie, his real name.
zodiac: leo sun, pisces moon and saggitarius rising. I don't know for sure the day he was born, but he's probably a leo or a virgo, and I think leo fits him pretty well.
sxual orientation: pansexual
boy image aesthetic, grunge, and hand image black, aesthetic, and hands image aesthetic, gay, and Jude image
aesthetic, bored, and red image quotes, red, and sleep image alone, love, and quotes image text and Relationship image
sometimes needy, but others he just wants to be left alone; emotionally unstable; very sleepy; kind of a dreamer; affectionate; outgoing; caring; selfless; reliable; careful and curious.
alternative and skateboard image vans, aesthetic, and shoes image aesthetic image aesthetic, alternative, and black image
basic, comfy and kinda edgy
dark and skate image Image by Ondine bed and aesthetic image cigarette, aesthetic, and marlboro image
skating (he has a good balance, kinda); writing poetry about his feelings, sleeping (duh) and smoking (he loves catnip lol)
aesthetic, art, and beautiful image coffee, aesthetic, and drink image food and yummy image city, aesthetic, and paris image
history, coffee, anything sweet and observing the landscape
taste in music
guitar, grunge, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed dark academia, music, and piano image asleep, Dream, and hipster image
he'd prefer calmer and instrumental songs
friends, grunge, and sunset image boy, aesthetic, and grunge image Image by zeliha Jeremy Irons, anthony andrews, and brideshead revisited image
he has a twin brother, who is kind of aggressive and riled up; he also has an older brother, who is introverted and analytical. They're all pretty different from each other, but they're very close.

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