1) girl groups or boy groups

girl group, kpop, and miyeon image blink, lisa, and girl group image
girl groups

2) fansign or concert?

blonde hair, dreamcatcher, and fansign image concert, girlgroup, and loona image

3) zimzalabim or idol?

kpop, irene, and seulgi image red velvet, kpop, and joy image

4) one group or multiple?

kpop, monday, and jiyoon image aesthetic, gay, and girls image

5) live stages or studio?

chuu, kim jiwoo, and loona image dreamcatcher, kpop, and stage image

*6) second or third gen?

twice, dahyun, and kpop image blackpink, kim jisoo, and jisoo image
third gen

7) twice or red velvet?

yeri, red velvet, and kpop image wendy image
red velvet

*8) popular or unpopular groups?

Image by Deco jennie, blackpink, and jisoo image
doesn't matter

9) slow or upbeat music?

kpop, hyuna, and kim hyuna image cube, idle, and minnie image

10) rapping or singing?

mamamoo, moonbyul, and kpop image chaeyoung, catgirl, and twice image
i prefer rapping

11) blackpink songs, forever young or really?

blackpink, rose, and details image kpop, lisa, and rose image

12) bg dances or gg dances?

dreamcatcher, gif, and kpop image
gg dances

13) natural or dyed hair?

preview, yves, and loona image rose, blackpink, and park chaeyoung image

14) loona songs, so what, butterfly, hi high or favorite

beautiful, favorite, and girl image kpop, yves, and loona image