Hey hearters!I hope you having a wonderful time reading this because i am turning barbie movies to live action!So here we go !

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flowers, wedding, and rose image Couture, Zuhair Murad, and fashion image animals, cat, and ginger image Image by Claire castle, gold, and golden image castle, architecture, and flowers image loona, kpop, and heejin image flower and instagram image
Barbie in the 12 dancing princesses:
Image by ⚜️Luna de Antiguedades⚜️ bread, brown, and red image pink, heart, and hearts image mirror, gold, and aesthetic image hair, braid, and friends image chandelier, luxury, and gold image flowers, house, and nature image aphrodite, goddess, and greek image dog, puppy, and basket image puppies basket image
barbie in the diamond castle:
animals, dog, and dogs image costura, Couture, and atelier image aesthetic, beauty, and flowers image room, pink, and dress image travel, paris, and passport image jack russell and jack russell terrier image pink, flowers, and rose image love, paris, and couple image angels, barbie, and hollywood image aesthetic, beautiful, and fashion image
barbie in a fashion fairytale:
mask, girl, and masquerade image fan, aesthetic, and vintage image sword and fantasy image horse image architecture, garden, and paris image book, library, and vienna image Image by ˗ˋˏ chloe ˎˊ flowers, pink, and rose image aesthetic, design, and dress image medieval, beautiful places, and urban image
Barbie and the three musketeers:
barbie, flowers, and movie image aesthetic, beauty, and eyes image Copyrighted image creeper, flower, and leaves image flowers, purple, and wallpaper image butterfly, blue, and mushroom image girl, smoke, and blonde image arcoiris, colors, and celular image
Barbie in fairytopia:
blonde hair, braid, and grunge love image art, paint, and painting image dress, fashion, and purple image flowers, castle, and vintage image dragon, sky, and fantasy image mask, gold, and masquerade image animal, rabbit, and cute image fantasy, greene, and harry potter image girl, mask, and masquerade image castle, stairs, and passage image
Barbie as rapunzel:
ballerina, ballet, and dance image christmas and decor image ball, cold, and merry christmas image ballerina, christmas, and xmas image animals, pets, and mouse image aesthetic, gold, and heart image candy, pink, and sweet image book, flowers, and swing image
Barbie in the nutcracker:
friends, smile, and bff image butterfly, gold, and fashion image pink, 2000s, and aesthetic image Image removed Clueless, shopping, and alicia silverstone image aesthetic, guitar, and music image dance, gif, and high school image bedroom, decor, and teen image
Barbie secret diaries:

The end...

Wow guys!I just cant help but love making aesthetics of movies !So ,i hope you like it and give a hearttt .Have a wonderful day!