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name: rowan hunt
age: 16
birthday: october 6th
zodiac: libra


girl and model image asian, casual, and girl image bathroom, vintage, and aesthetic image aesthetic, aesthetics, and alternative image
slightly tanned skin, brown eyes, long brown hair (dyes the end of her hair purple during the season), medium height, not so much curves


veronica lodge image quotes, grunge, and light image quotes, change, and creature image jacob, far cry 5, and mind control image
rowan can seem cold at first but is a really friendly person who will be there for you if you need it. she tends to have a lot of hook ups with older guys. she is strong minded and can easily get whatever she wants.


makeup, purple, and eyeshadow image black, blue, and eyebrow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It makeup, beauty, and aesthetic image


- everyday

girl, fashion, and hair image aesthetic, fashion, and jacket image 90s, aesthetic, and beauty image aesthetic, clothes, and girls image fashion, nike, and shoes image aesthetic, fashion, and grunge image

- parties

dress, girl, and fashion image fashion and summer image purple, fashion, and outfit image accesories, fur, and luxury image

- halloween

kylie jenner, fairy, and style image makeup image aesthetic, grunge, and hipster image fashion, heels, and purple image

- prom

Image by K Y L I E shoes, fashion, and gold image makeup, aesthetic, and eye image accessories, fashion, and fashionable image


euphoria, angel, and film image barbie, hbo, and party image
jules and kat


euphoria, jacob elordi, and nate jacobs image Image by Martina
nate had a crush on rowan but he found out that she was hooking up with her dad. he got really angry and it led into a huge group fight.


euphoria, eric dane, and cal jacobs image
cal jacobs- regular hookups