I still have the noises in my head sitting on the balcony , looking over the long street. Everyone else is still sleeping in my apartment but the city and I are already awake. I made myself a coffee and sat outside. Inspecting every movement. The big lorries bringing the fresh fruits, oysters and everything you need for a restaurant. the early tourists already sitting in the cafe´s waiting for their breakfast to arrive. The people running late for their work, trying to get through the crowds as fast as possible. The gracious French woman young and old getting duties done, going to the bakery for fresh breakfast.
The salty air coming with the light breeze which is whipping through the streets , cooling down the already heated air. And then there is the warm , bright sun making everything look even more delightful and happy as it already is. I was in Paris „the city of love“ , but Nice I have to say is romantic in every angle you look at it. Just the 30min I sat there watching everyone and everything made me feel like i was stuck in a french movie.

-C x