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So, I think everyone has seen this tag around whi lately, and me and sofie decided to answer too; so, here we go:

1. which greek god is your favourite?
me: morpheus, the god of sleep and dreams
art and painting image art, sculpture, and dark image
morpheus has the ability to appear in human dreams and he's always represented with wings
sofie: dionysus, god of wine, theater, and ectasy
Image by sabrina aesthetic and girl image
2. which greek godess is your favourite?
me: atropos, godess of fate and destiny
art image Image by quwn
one of the three moirai, or the fates, she chooses the form of death of each mortal and then cuts their thread
sofie: aphrodite, godess of love and beauty
aesthetic, aphrodite, and baroque image aesthetic, art, and bird image
3. what greek monster is your favourite?
me: sirens
Image removed mermaid, water, and fish image
sofie: cyclops
blue, teen, and young image Temporarily removed
4. if you could take any god(ess)'s powers, whose would it be?
me: poseidon
Image removed storm image
poseidon has the ability of controlling the water and he can even produce storms and earthquakes
sofie: apollo
aesthetic and minimalist image book, aesthetic, and beige image
because he is the god of reason and music
5. aphrodite or athena?
me: athena
aesthetic, statue, and art image aesthetic and game of thrones image
sofie: aphrodite
Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, statue, and sculpture image
6. hercules or perseus?
me: perseus
aesthetic, black, and body image art, museum, and aesthetic image
sofie: hercules
art, david, and florence image book, dragon, and fantasy image
7. zeus or poseidon?
both: poseidon
aesthetic, blue, and sea image sea, grunge, and ocean image
8. hades or demeter?
me: hades
fluffy, greek, and underworld image theme, makeup, and underworld image
sofie: demeter
nature and green image fairy, forest, and green image
9. hephaestus or ares?
both: ares
aesthetic, ares, and greek image sword, tv series, and game of thrones image
10. apollo or artemis?
me: apollo
Image removed art, marble, and statue image
sofie: artemis
nature, deer, and aesthetic image arrow, archery, and aesthetic image
11. what would you be the god(dess)/deity of?
me: if I could choose, I'd be the godess of mental confusion, paranoia, after-life and temptation.
archive, rp, and theme archive image aesthetic, blue, and ghetto image
sofie: I would be the godess of creativity, passion, and intelligence.
Inspiring Image on We Heart It art, colorful, and creative image
12. what would be your patron animal?
me: black cat
Temporarily removed cat and heart image
sofie: fox
fox and animal image fox and animal image
13. what city would you be the patron of?
me: st. petersburg
russia, white, and winter image backstage, ballerinas, and ballet image
sofie: london
london, uk, and england image city, bike, and oxford image
14. what would be your symbol?
me: arrows and spirals
Seventeen, sign, and arrow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
sofie: a quill pen
vintage, ink, and Letter image Alberta, book, and canada image

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