My people my folks is 4 am and i can't sleepppp. Bad habits mh. So anyways, short life update, on monday my pc decided to plop and bye so i had a crazyish day and then it came to life again.

Anyways, as some may know, English is not my first language... I'm from Colombia (yes yes the place from Narcos and from where Sofia Vergara is) so my main language is Spanish.

Anyways, let's do this (this is a more type of serious blog, some jokes but not that much. Why? Because its fucking 4 am... yeah)

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Personal Experience

So, im the fail experiment of my parents because they tried to taught me English as a main language... MATE THAT'S SO STUPID I KNOWWW. I saw Magic English during yeaars, i have the books, my first word was mom, but dude, at the tender year of 5, i forgot all of that shit, i technically couldn't talk any language and oh boy... the doctor was mad.

I mixed Spanish with English because in an all Spanish speakers country, i had to learn both. At 5 i had to learn again all Spanish and try to forget English.

Then, at school (bilingual meh), they taught in a right way English and now im here... yeah crap its not easy.

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The process of learning

So, if you go to a youtuber that do study things, you will prob thing that oh shit that thing is super easy lets try to learn it on my own...

I'm not saying teaching yourself something is bad ok? I actually tried and failed, so if you really can't go to a teacher, it's the easiest way i swear.

Also, prepare yourself for a lot of mixing things (starting now i will imagine your learning spanish ok?), Spanish is pretty similar to English and we have a looooot of vocab.

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I'm sorry to tell you this, but Spanish is DIFFICULT. I'm not saying "don't study difficult languages" because if you commit to it, it will get easier.

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Duolingo for starters is shit. Look, if you are trying to learn Spanish or ANY language via duolingo... ALEXA PLAY BAD IDEA BY GIRL IN RED. Duolingo is not for teaching, is for studying when you already actually now. I lost 6 months of my life trying to learn Korean by Duolingo...I can tell you i learned more in ONE class with an actual Korean that in that app. Duolingo is good for STUDYING.

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As i already said... Spanish its not easy. As a first language Spanish speaker, I went to duolingo to see, how good is my Spanish? guys... im 89/100. My english is 72/100.


Y aunque mi Español no sea perfecto, estoy segura que cualquier persona que hable Español podrá entender con facilidad este párrafo. El español usa tildes miles de formas de decir algo, y es complicado.

traduction for non spanish speakers:
And even though my Spanish it's not perfect, I'm sure any person that can talk it will understand easily this paragraph. In Spanish we use tildes, a lot of ways of saying something and I know it's difficult.

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translation: when a native speaker starts talking really fast
Study and Apply

OKAY PAY ATTENTION THIS IS THE MORE USEFUL PLEASE. Study like you have no life ok? Grab a notebook and study study study but if you don't know what you are doing... stop. Try to get it clear, until you don't, DON'T CONTINUE MG.

And the apply part, try to watch a lot of shows in that language, I watched Sherlock without subtitles and I hear a podcast named Teenager Therapy for learning vocab and making my ear identify English in an easier and faster way.

If you are learning Spanish, watch La Casa de Papel, La Casa de las flores, look for Pasión de Gavilanes and add subtitles. I DON'T KNOW TRY TO LOOK FOR SHOWS WITH NATIVE SPANISH SPEAKERS.

Why Native? Look, an example, in Riverdale we have Veronica's family that is "Spanish Speaker" (saying this... omg i wanted to bang my head to the wall) but they talked the language? NO. They added some words like Mija (a way to call someone you love) or abuela (grand) but no more. Guys, if I can talk with someone that know Spanish I WILL BECAUSE ITS EASIER AND REALISTIC.

Also, if you can talk (when you have an mid Spanish level) and ask help with a native Speaker, do it crap do IT. If you can't find it, DM me i will teach, explain and if you need to study, we can talk in Spanish alright? Just DM me.

That was it... I was thinking in doing a learn Spanish with me... if you are interested idk.. probably.

I know its a hard journey, but when you finish, its great, without English I couldn't be writing this articles or with my lovely team @whianonymous (i will leave their account and last article talking about panic attacks below) so i'm grateful with my teachers.

Thanks for coming to my ted talk xd

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WHI Anonymous