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Whenever I click on a video or article like this I never find nothing actually unpopular only what is obvious or meaningless (to me atleast)
So I just really wanted to write my own sh*tty opinion what nobody cares about, but its completely fine.

Being a kpop idol is f*cking hard, stressful, restrict and limiting. Please do not be too harsh on idols because of their lack of skills in some areas they sure work really hard on improving themselves. And keep it in your mind that they are humans too they don't have to be perfect. Some are great dancers, some are great vocalists, some are extremely funny and reletable, some are unbelievably, outstandingly gorgeous they don't have to excell in everything they just need to complete each other and have good chemistry as a group.
BTS now that they are at the top doesn't care that much about their music's quality. Their lyrics and song messages are still meaningful but about the music sounding I cannot tell anything positive. Every song on the MOS7 sounds like a demo include ON and Blackswan. What is not a bad thing if you are not a f*cking perfectionist like me and you don't have expectation for music to sound high quality and clear. Also their collabs with western artists are unnecessary and just not good.
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Jisoo is blackpinks ace in every perspective. I do not get why she is the least popular member. The only reason I can think is that she doesn't speak fluent english but is that such a big deal for fans that she is the most overlooked member?! Literally she is the funniest, realest, most stable vocalist with a powerful pleasant voice, beautiful, maximalist pro on stage who always try her best and actually enjoys to perform.
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I feel sorry for Lisa's cats. Gee she so does not know how to treat cats. She literally treats them sometimes like plushies and not actual living pets. If you know cats even only a bit you must know what I'm talking about. Her cats seem annoyed around her 90% of the time.
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Dear Lisa you do not hold cats like that
What I really miss of kpop groups is vocal harmony. There are so little groups who have it. Exceptions are Iz*one, Apink, WJSN, Seventeen, Red Velvet, Gfriend and Oh My Girl.
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Exy from WJSN is one of the best idol rappers. I don't know if anyone thinks so. Although she has only few lines in their songs I think her rapping perfectly blends and fits with the vocals, her voice is pleasant, her technik and flow is good and she sometimes does this tounge rolling rapping what is so interesting and unique. Btw she showed her full rapper potential and skills on Unpretty rapstar 2 but got eliminated soon despite the fact she was f*cking good. But Anyways UPR2 was a joke so I shouldn't be surprised.
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(G)i-dle's and especially Soyeon's english gee. Lets just say they should take more english classes about pronunciation.
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There are really few idols who are actual good rolemodels to look up to. I don't get korean people's standards like how and why do they think being cute and looking beautiful is more important over being smart, educated, independent. How can be the highest expectation on a persons personality to be cute? Don't get me wrong being a nice person is one of the most important things, I'm not saying they should act rude or to be overly serious but acting cute, silly and funny just because to please others and bc it is the preferred standard by the korean culture especially for girls it just always gonna appear fake to me. My point is that they should be more themselves, not give af to meet everyones expectation 24/7, shouldn't be afraid to stand up against every injustice that affects them and their group, and should realise that knowleadge is power.
Loona literally has not even ONE decent rapper. I do not mean this as an insult but unfortunatelly it is true. It is actually not that of a big deal they just simply should make music without a rap verse since every mermber's singing and vocals are amazing.
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All Loona solo songs are great but Chuu's 'heart attack' is a masterpiece.
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Chaeyoung is so much better rapper than Dahyun. But I get it that Dahyun's soft rap goes better with Twice's songs. I'm just a bit salty that Chaeyoung can't show her skills in what she truly excells.
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Momo during "sixteen" had so different and better voice than after debuting it is actually unbelievable.
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I can't imagine who's gonna get rookie of the year award this year. I'm sorry to say that but none outstanding group has debuted this year.
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Monsta X's "All About Luv" english album is superior and they deserve so much more success and recognisation.
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I don't get why and how was Huening Kai titled to be a visual. Like sure the kid is cute and looks unique but for me it is like he is called a visual despite looking nothing like the korean beauty standard and Itzy Chaeryeong (and many more girls) is bullied because of her unique beauty. Hello double standard you can go f*ck yourself.
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Creating Superm was actually a good idea. Not just for SM from financial aspect but for openminded fans aswell especially for americans which I'm not but still putting these 7 boys together resulted great songs, performances, and great time for the boys.
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The Kpop Industry is indeed the worst and there is no such as best company.

Most controversial

Mina and the AOA drama is the joke of the year. Sure Jimin is trash but Mina one of the weakest person that I know of. The fact that she published the issue a year later after she left the company fishy af. Why not right away, and why taking the bullying for almost a decade in the first place? I'm sure that the 98% of the people are one her side in this case I saw a lot of people/fans supporting her (I never sended hate to anyone just because I don't like them or their actions and I assume most of the normal people who has basic morals didn't eighter) but then why she is still cutting her veins again, why does she have to act like a f*cking martyr always tell me. She got her revange on Jimin, She has a new company, and a decent acting career. She has to move on with her life now and take mental help, treatment. She needs to let go of the past grievances and grudges I know it is not a piece of cake but it is the only way she will be able to have a happy future or any kind of future.

I am already clear with it this is gonna be a flop. But whatever.

Anyways thank you for reading and have a nice day. โค๏ธ