Hola Hearters!

Today's writing challenge involves a childhood memory of mine, and I am now coming into the realization that I have a terrible memory. I can't seem to remember much from when I was a small girl.

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All I can remember is the day I first walked into my kindergarten class, back in 2005, and I can only recollect a bit from that day.

I recall walking into the classroom, with my parents, searching for my name on the table tents that stood above the desks. We were in a big room with colorful chairs, rugs, and posters that covered the walls from top to bottom.

My teacher was a 60-year-old woman who had silver waves and vivid pink cheeks. She instantly became one of my parent's favorite teachers, because of her firm teachings and also because she taught her kids how to dance and sing like puppets.

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After meeting my teacher, my parents sat me in my small chair and laid out my supplies in front of me. They then knelt down and began to say their goodbyes.

It finally hit me that my parents will not be staying with me. Pure terror struck me and I did not want to let go of either of my parents.

Yes, tears were involved, and no I do not remember what happened next.

I must have blocked it out or something.

Sorry for the short article, but I promise I'll try my best in future articles.

Much love,