Hi everyone, hope you're all fine ! It's been a long time since I've wanted to make an article about it but here I am. Here's the life I'm manifesting, my visionboard for the future :

My job

cinema, los angeles, and filming image somewhere, movie, and Sofia Coppola image Image by elle Inspiring Image on We Heart It
I work in the cinema industry. As an actress, or as a director of photography

Where I live

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I live in the south of France next to Italy by the sea

My home

from outside

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i have a big italian/french house


Image by elle Image by elle home, living room, and aesthetic image window and the manor image

The car I have

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i have a vintage mercedes

My style

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My red carpet style

Image by elle fashion, blue, and chanel image Image by elle fashion, woman, and camila coelho image

My hobbies

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driving around, reading, going to the movies, painting

My lifestyle

food and paris-to-go.com image girl, fruit, and street image balloons, birthday, and happy birthday image blue, green, and la image couple, aesthetic, and kiss image beauty, quote, and text image
I travel a lot, especially to L.A whenever they need me to shoot some scenes, I cook, I spend time with my husband and take care of my children...

My relationships

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I have my husband,, my closest friends live next to me and we see each other a lot, and of course my children
So here is the life I'm manifesting, hope you enjoyed it !

๊•ฅ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ๊•ฅ

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