Inspired by this:

1. Bow & arrow or a sword?

japan and katana image black, girl, and indie image
I think both require a lot of control and precision a bow and arrow seems less stressful, but a sword would be an amazing display of discipline hmmmm.

2. Carousel rides or rollercoaster rides?

night, light, and fun image Dream, fun, and lights image
Carousel, roller coasters make me scared :)

3. Castle or palace?

antique, fancy, and gold image crown, princess, and aesthetic image

4. Communicate with animals or read human minds?

puppet image Image by lex clarke
Reading the human mind would be terrifying, but also, Id never really use the ability to communicate with animals neither.

5. Crystals or plants?

witch and wiccan image

6. Dancing in the rain or in the moonlight?

dance, drugs, and rain image friends, rain, and girls image
Both are lovely!

7. Dragons or mermaids?

dragon, enchanted, and fairy tale image dragon, fantasy, and eye image

8. Evil queen or maleficent?

deviantart, disney, and gif image

9. Fly to the moon or swim to Atlantis?

underwater, cathedral, and ocean image sea, fish, and ocean image
Swim to Atlantis.

10. Give love or receive love?

Both, because I think love should always be a two way street.

11. Glitter or sequins?

clouds, glitter, and aesthetic image aesthetic, glitter, and ocean image

12. Live in the ocean or live in the sky?

clouds, sky, and aesthetic image
Live in the sky.

13. Long walks in the sun or bicycle rides by the sea?

Bicycle rides by the sea.

14. Moonlight or candlelight?

moon, night, and sky image moon, night, and sky image

15. Mornings or nights?

Image removed
Nights, I think.

16. Narnia or wonderland?

I would say wonderland, but wonderland would frustrate me, because its not supposed to be pretty or fun, its confusing and filled with oddities and there is so much madness, I wouldnt be able to handle it, whereas in Narnia, there is at least some semblance of order.

17. Rainy days or stormy nights?

rain image blue, flower, and girl image
Rainy days.

18. Shooting star downpour or sunshine bath?

beautiful, graveyard, and night image
Sunshine bath would be nice, and warm, but shooting star downpours would probably leave me more wonderstruck, more in awe of the beauty and wonder of the universe.

19. Stars or rainbows?

Image by Private User

20. Swim in the sea or gaze at the stars?

Gaze at the stars, I prefer to not get into large bodies of water.

21. Time traveler or space traveler?

out of this world, aesthetic, and art image fallout 4 and fo4 image
Space traveler, time travel always freaks me out.

22. Werewolves or vampires?

vampire, teeth, and grunge image aura, eye, and manu rios image

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Thanks for reading! <3