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1. A Season

Image by isazade.nigar friends, winter, and girl image aesthetic, angel, and nature image christmas, winter, and hot ​chocolate image

2. Time Of Day

city, purple, and aesthetic image city, girl, and night image moon, purple, and night image aesthetic, city, and glitter image

3. A City

college, new york city, and studies image new york, city, and sky image city, fashion, and girl image city and travel image
New York City

4. A Country

italy, call me by your name, and garden image travel, aesthetic, and city image girl, friends, and best friends image fashion, girl, and italy image

5. An Item Of Clothing

blue, clothes, and dress image Temporarily removed Image by Ruth

6. An Accessory

jewelry, necklace, and gold image beige, fashion, and parisian image beige, fashion, and parisian image coffee image

7. A Color

rose, flowers, and red image tumblr image food, strawberry, and donuts image aesthetic, vintage, and white image

8. A Feeling

Image by Leexie Arzate 👙☕🥀🕯️ art, grunge, and drawing image Image by malitetto Image by luxcarballo

9. A Gemstone

bijoux, bling, and diamonds image aesthetic, baroque, and fashion image bling, closeup, and detail image

10. A Flower

aesthetic, alternative, and amor image flowers, rose, and pink image calm, flowers, and i image alternative, flowers, and garden image

11. A Makeup Product

makeup, eyes, and pink image aesthetic, beautiful, and daily image makeup, beauty, and yellow image eyeliner, eyeshadow, and fashion image

12. Element

Image by 🛸 Image removed summer, water, and legs image Image by AlinaSavelieva

13. A Part Of Nature

autumn, fall, and leaves image Image by 𝙽𝚘𝚊𝚖𝚜𝚜𝚘𝚗 purple, clouds, and forest image china, morado, and japón image

14. A Natural Phenomenal

aesthetic, earth, and ocean image вода, слова, and красиво image Image by Robert Saddler conor swail image

15. A Place

Image removed coffee and coffee shop image adorable, aesthetic, and anime image Inspiring Image on We Heart It
Coffee Shop

16. A Dessert

chocolate, crumble, and fancy image Image by Zara Image by Zara Image by Zara

17. A Language

art, french, and languages image french, quotes, and words image Temporarily removed text, words, and quote image

18. A Scent

vanilla, aesthetic, and french image bathroom, bedroom, and candle image parfum, vernis, and watch image beauty, fashion, and fragrance image

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