Article 1 of Weekly Column: Life Lessons from the Screen and Beyond

Hey everyone! Today, I'm not doing a tag or copying the basis of another article I saw :) Yay, I'm creative, haha. This article was inspiried by a tik tok I saw "Lessons Spongebob Taught Me."

I just happened to be watching Phineas and Ferb for the fifth time when I saw the tik tok and thought, "Oh, maybe I'll make something similar, but based on a show I actually know pretty well."

So, this article will be one lesson I learned from some of the characters and one overall takeaway at the end.

I've also decided to create a weekly column, posted every weekend, featuring life lessons from shows, movies, etc. Hope you enjoy!

From Phineas I learned...
disney, ferb fletcher, and huh? image perry, phineas, and ferb image
That to be young is not to be incapable... (Someone asks "Aren't you young to be doing [insert complicated idea]...") "Yes, yes I am."
From Ferb I learned...
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That to be a person of few words is not to be overlooked... "Well, that was completely out of character."
From Candace I learned...
cartoon, meme, and on the phone image cartoon and mood image
That to be a sibling is to have a complicated relationship... "You've got to see what Phineas and Ferb are doing!"
From Perry the Platypus I learned...
cartoon, disney, and perry the platypus image phineas and ferb, perry the platypus, and heinz doofenshmirtz image
That to be a pet is not to be a mindless creature... (chattering sound)
From Doofenshmirtz I learned...
cartoon, gif, and tumblr image cartoon, gif, and tumblr image
That to be "evil" is not to be absent of all good... "Back in Gimmelshtump..."
From Isabella I learned...
Image removed love, cartoon, and couple image
That to love someone is to sacrifice time and energy to make them happy... "Hey, Phineas!"
From Jeremy I learned...
phineas and ferb image Image removed
That to be a genuine person is to see the good in others... "I call you Candace because I really like that name!"
From Linda I learned...
animated, xD, and backyard image linda flynn image
That to be a mother is to be endlessly patient... "Alright Candace..."
From Stacy I learned...
candace and stacy image tumblr, phineas and ferb, and stacy hirano image
That to be a true friend is to love that person for who they are, flaws and all... (When someone calls her a genius) "Could you call my mom and tell her that?"
From Meap I learned...
cute image meap and phineas and ferb image
That aliens are real :)
General Lessons from the show
-Age is just a number.
-You have the power to create your own fun!
-Your pets are actually secret agents who are fighting bad guys whenever you can't find them in the house.

Thanks so much for reading! Sorry if I missed your favorite character, but I hope you still enjoyed this week's edition. I look forward to seeing you again in coming weeks!

Here's a link to article 2 in the series!
Quote for the Week: "Give without remembering, and always receive without forgetting."