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I hope you are well, let's continue with the special "if I were" and today it's one of my favorite Spanish series (I'm dying to see the last season) I hope you like it!
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💲Real name: Vera Oliveira
💲City name: Atenas (Athens, Greece)
💲Age: 29
Nationality: Brazil
Speciality: lapidary (gem expert)/robber/organized crime
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beauty, curly, and eyes image beauties, hourglass, and flat stomach image tattoo image beige, boho, and girl image pearls, beauty, and jewelry image tattoo image
tan skin, green eyes, curly brown hair,tattos


fur, luxury, and bag image amazing, fun, and beautiful image fashion, hat, and black image fashion, dress, and red image
society lady
new, pretty, and style image red, pretty little liars, and pll image
dirty robber


quotes, aesthetic, and universe image born, sexy, and born this way image back, classy, and feminism image quotes and words image bitch, beautiful, and Hot image pin, lové, and red image
manipulative, intelligent, calculating, sarcastic, resourceful, loyal, suspicious, ambitious, passionate, independent, protective, sensual

Her Story

cristo redentor, favela, and brasil image diamond and gun image colors image black and dark image black and aesthetic image dark, grunge, and nails image
Vera was born in a poor neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil where her parents were murdered for drug problems. She moved to Manaus where she was learning the art of gems, she learned to identify true diamonds and falsify them. Learned to steal, use weapons and defense

Best friends

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Sergio, Professor
suit and man image music and photography image

Love Interest

piercing, aesthetic, and black image wallpapers, nairobi, and fondos image
beach, couples, and girlfriends image dark, grunge, and goth image
Her love story had a complicated beginning, Vera has always been attracted to women (she has never had a serious relationship) but the first time she saw Nairobi it was love at first sight, but it was not reciprocal. After Nairobi's unrequited crush on Helsinki, Vera set out to conquer Nairobi ... They loved each other until Nairobi's last breath.

I hope you liked it, stay safe! xx