hey guys! so it's been six days since my last article. i was gonna write one the other day, but i had something serious going on. hopefully yall understand that ♡

- this article won't be much, but hopefully it makes up for it!

♡ small things that make me happy ♡

1. dandelions

flowers, nature, and dandelion image
so simple, but makes me happy

2. that first sip of coffee

100, 500, and appleminttt image
sips coffee

3. a good hair day

  • my hair gives me more confidence, is it just me?

4. dogs

dog, animals, and pet image
♡ dogs never lie about love ♡

5. waking up to the sunlight shining through the blinds

aesthetic, hand, and sun image
it'll be a good day waking up to one

6. random or sincere compliments

laugh and personality image
compliments make me shy

7. pizza

food, italy, and pizza image
pizza makes everyone happy!

8. hearing a song i completely forgot about and knowing all the lyrics

  • ex: justin bieber - baby 😂😂😂

9. finding a pair of jeans that finally fit

  • rare to find a pair that fits

10. feeling good in an outfit

clothes, quotes, and feeling image
this ^

11. the moon and the stars

clouds, landscape, and moon image
ur moon child right here 🥺

12. eating food you've been craving for

  • most def, i've been craving for some spicy rice cakes 😔

13. sunrises and sunsets

sunset, sky, and ocean image
♡ i love it so much ♡

14. waking up from a good dream

  • i'm in a good mood every time i wake up from one

15. when your package finally arrives

  • it's such a simple feeling, but we all feel happy when our packages arrive~

16. looking at old pictures

  • it's nostalgic

17. reminiscing old memories

  • feels nice to think about once in a while

18. scent of walking into a bakery

theme, aesthetic, and background image
the whiff of fresh pastries-

19. a fresh haircut

  • getting a fresh haircut always feels n i c e

20. the smell of popcorn

  • idk anyone who doesn't like the smell of it

21. watching old cartoons

  • i love coming back to binge watch them tbh, brings me back to being a kid 😔

22. first day of summer

  • we all know that feeling! 🌞

23. cold treats on a warm day

  • r e f r e s h i n g ~

24. texting my best friend

Best, bff, and facebook image

25. road trips

sunset, travel, and car image
you can make plenty of memories going on a roadtrip!

26. late night drives

aesthetic, car, and drive image
let's go anywhere

27. the beach

Image by 𝓮𝓶𝓮𝓵𝓲 ✨
the only place i wish i'd be ♡

28. hawaiian hibiscuses

flower, hibiscus, and Hot image
my only fav flower 🌺

29. christmas lights

  • 🎄 get in the christmas spirit~! 🎄

30. watching christmas films

80s, gif, and christmas movie image
home alone is a classic film to watch during the holidays!

31. ice cream

food and ice cream image
ice cream never disappoints, periodt.

32. polaroids

polaroid, new york, and soho image
polaroids are nice to keep for memories!

33. being appreciated

girl, quotes, and aesthetic image

34. being told "i love you"

boyfriend, feelings, and I Love You image
사랑해 ♡

35. falling in love

quotes, life, and love image
oopsie 🙊

36. long, tight hugs

heartbeat, hugs, and quotes image
uhm, yes pls

37. late convos

message, text, and wedding image
a winner right there ^

38. text messages like these

love, Relationship, and text image love, text, and message image
insert wholesome love meme

39. when someone cooks me a meal

  • i find it sweet tbh bc i'm the typa person who doesn't really cook much

40. listening to music loudly when no one’s around

music, thoughts, and quotes image

41. seeing my grandma

  • i love visiting her, but she recently left for the philippines, so i hope i get to see her next year! ♡

42. sleeping while it rains at night

rain, quotes, and night image
i find it peaceful

43. seeing a rainbow

rainbow, sky, and nature image

44. smiling at a baby and they smile back

  • i love making babies smile!

45. or you make them laugh and they giggle

  • babies laughing are the cutest thing ever 🥺

46. when your handwriting looks so neat

  • we're pretty proud of it once we see it

47. when a pair of jeans or sweats make your booty look good

  • i'm sure we all have those jeans that make our booty poppin'

48. reading poetry books

49. french fries

  • my ult fav food to snack on 🤤

50. waking up feeling rejuvenated after a nap

  • i can rarely take naps easily, but they do feel good after taking one!

51. wholesome memes or videos

meme, reaction, and simp image
the only meme i enjoy bc they're so wholesome

52. stargazing

stars, quotes, and love image
as someone who loves the moon and the stars, stargazing is perfect ✧

53. relief of finishing an article

  • i'm sure many relate, esp if it's a long article. basically like this one i'm working on rn

54. a good, crisp green apple

  • i love love love green apples, or fiji apples

55. holding hands with your s.o

quotes, love, and you image
i just wanna hold someone's hand tbh

56. museums

architecture, museum, and sculptures image
ppl say museums are boring, but i really enjoy them 😔

57. a good laugh

  • laughing is contagious, so spread laughter!

58. clouds

blue, clouds, and landscape image
i'm the typa person to point out the clouds and the sky all the time, even for no reason tbh

59. the view from the window seat in the plane

travel, sky, and clouds image
v i e w s

60. riding shotgun

quotes, life, and moment image
i don't mind sitting in the back sometimes

61. having the place to myself, even if it's just for a little bit

  • love having it to myself, peace and quiet

62. feeling after a hot shower

  • it's pretty relaxing afterwards, am i wrong?

63. last minute trips

quote and trip image
can be to buy food, catch a movie, anywhere

64. soft blankets

  • soft blankets are an essential

65. city lights at night

  • overall my fav type of aesthetic! ♡

66. getting jollibee

burger, food, and travel image
the peach mango pie is just- 🤤

67. late night adventures

adventure, Late, and memories image
everything is better at night

68. feeling wanted and loved

deep, feelings, and feels image
this image above speaks for me

69. forehead kisses

quotes, kiss, and love image
makes me feel so loved

70. that thumb thingy

feelings, feels, and infatuation image quotes, love, and couple image
yes pls 🥺🥺🥺

71. receiving good advice

boys, girl, and girls image
sum similar that my mom said :")

72. understanding something in korean that i learned

  • sometimes when i hear a sentence, phrase, or something being said in korean, i'd understand it and it'd make me feel so happy. i haven't learned how to write in hangul, other than typing on my phone! it's gotten a bit easier now

72. being able to read something in korean

  • the first thing i was able to read was banana in korean. i was really proud tbh 😭

73. spending time with family

  • make more memories and make the most of it!

74. or with your s.o

  • same thing above, just continue to shower each other with some love ♡

75. when someone tells me something bc it reminded them of me

  • wow, you thought of me? 🥺

76. old music

  • old but gold.

77. being called "my love"

boyfriend, girlfriend, and memes image
makes my icy cold heart melt

78. listening to a good album

korean, sik-k, and album image
first khh album i've listened to, still love it ♡
  • ph-1's "X" mixtape was hella good too, i recommend it!!!

79. eating something you enjoyed as a kid

  • haven't had gushers or fruit roll ups in a while

80. birthday balloons or balloons in general

  • i guess i'm still a kid?

81. satisfying my sweet-tooth cravings

food, Cookies, and dessert image
oh yuppp

82. old films

roman holiday, audrey hepburn, and film image
roman holiday, 1953 - watch if you haven't! ✧

83. cheesy jokes

cheesy, joke, and funny image
now that's cheesy

84. back hugs

  • if the person's tall, it's so much better 🥺

85. hugging someone tall

hug, quotes, and boy image

86. the funny convos i have with my best friend

best friends, besties, and friendship image
my bestie and i bc we tease each other if we have typos

87. scent of fresh laundry

and, bar, and laundry image
y e s

88. inside jokes

89. the feeling after a good workout

body, quotes, and motivation image
omg yes, it will be all worth it in the end!

90. old couples

love, goals, and couple image
they're like so cute 🥺

91. being called beautiful

quotes, beautiful, and tumblr image
read that again if you have doubts

92. kept pinky promises

drama, в метре друг от друга, and films image
a pinky promise is still a promise.

93. new clothes & shoes

  • i just need some new clothes rn tbh

94. discovering new music and artists

asian boy, boy, and khiphop image
i've heard of ph-1 in iffy, and i just began listening to his music! check him out!

95. perfect messy buns

  • having a perfect bun is rare

96. sleeping in

  • not guilty of sleeping in, best feeling ever

97. packing for vacation

  • my fav part in the beginning of planning a trip imo

98. movie marathons

friends, movie, and home image
just recently watched all the h.p films!!!

99. collecting seashells

beach, summer, and sea image
we all do it when we hit the beach

100. you.

  • jk, there is no you. not yet. but when there will be, i'll remove this part. also, you're not just a little thing that makes me happy, you're something big that makes me happy :")

- i was supposed to list a lil bit, but i realized that there are a lot of little things that make me happy, so i listed them 😂

  • i hope some of yall were able to make it thru the end tho

- the cover photo i used for this article is a photo i took when i was in oregon! ♡

h ✧