You may have seen others do articles like this, but I just wanted to give it a try a let everything out. I just realized I need to let it all out:). I hope you guys enjoy this and have a good day / night. P.S. if you ever need anyone to talk to just dm me on instagram @seesomecolors and say you're from whi!

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« I was in a t*xic relationship to the point where I stopped "feeling" and became emotionally numb.

» I hate getting jealous, but I love making people jealous

« I have NO friends besides my one best friend

» Sometimes I notice my best friend trying to copy me and be just like me.. but I keep it to myself

« I genuinely want to be an indie kid, but I am not happy with my body

» I don't know if I'm straight or bi

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« My first language was Spanish because my dad only knows Spanish but he's always working to the point where I don't see him so I don't need to speak Spanish anymore, which led me to completely forget Spanish and now I can't communicate with him / don't have a bond with him anymore ;/

« I want to become famous but if I do I think I'd get cancelled

» I can't get in touch with my feelings nor emotions

« My best friend has a boyfriend and I can tell she tries to change the way she talks to him to seem "cooler"

» I am insecure about my ..vagina

« One of my ex's controlled me and told me to delete instagram and if he found out I had it he would be*t me, so I deleted it off my phone and got it on my ipad

I hope you guys enjoyed that :). and if you related to any of them I hope you know you aren't alone and if you ever need anyone to talk to my instagram dms are always open @seesomecolors (idk how to dm on here)!

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