This incident happened only last week. I went to the house of a close friend to oversee some renovation work, which was happening for a couple of months.

I saw that no work was being done in the house. And, on inquiring, found that it had been halted for 2-3 weeks now. They are creating another bedroom on the ground floor in an otherwise large and palatial house, for their son and daughter in law.

They had spotted a small nest of a sparrow in the room under renovation a few days ago. To their surprise, three small little white eggs were also present in the nest. They decided to halt the ongoing construction work keeping in view the safety of eggs. The work was resumed only after three weeks when they observed that the eggs had hatched and little young sparrows were born and flew from the nest.

This act of compassion is very rare to observe. In such situations, most people either do not notice, do not care or ignore the lives of innocent little birds.

I also saw the happiness and contentment on the faces of the family after this act of goodness. They retained the little nest as a memoir.

Note: Coincidentally, their daughter in law is also bearing an early pregnancy which they found later.

May God bless the family for their compassion.