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lately writing articles has been such a hassle since I have absolutely no creativity and I don't want to be basic. but I brainstormed a lot of ideas so I'm going to be writing a lot of articles so I hope that you will read them :)
blackpink are my ults. I do listen to a considerable amount of kpop but the only group that I stan is blackpink. stanning groups is super hard for me but there are a lot of groups that I want to stan but I have no time lol. anyways, I hope that you enjoy!

this seemed like such a fun article idea to me. by owned, I mean who shined the most to be in that era, their parts, the way they pulled off the concept and this is my preference so pls don't be offended.
also I'm going to try not to be biased but just letting you know that rosé is my whole world.


gif and jennie image

the winner is...

korean, kpop, and mv image blackpink, lisa, and kpop image
LISA: her rap, the highlighter hair, the charisma. lisa completely owned this era


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the winner is...

blackpink, jennie, and kpop image jennie and blackpink image
JENNIE: she owned this era. the styling and her confidence was everything. this song was meant for jennie.


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the winner is...
asian, model, and visual image blackpink, rose, and kpop image
ROSÉ: her parts and voice fit so well in this song. her little high note was everything. and obviously bc of THAT part in the mv


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the winner is...

Image by Alina Image by Alina
ROSÉ: rosé's parts in stay are everything, her vocals and parts in the mv are perfect. no one else comes close to owning this era besides rosé. I'll say this again, stay is blackpink's most aesthetic mv and it deserves sm more attention.


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the winner is...

girls, rose, and jennie image girls, rose, and jennie image
JENNIE + JISOO: I couldn't choose and I tried. jennie definitely pulled off this concept the best in my opinion, her outfits and especially her part in the bridge omg. the aiyl bridge remains superior. jisoo did not get justice in this era, where were her lines?! she looked so good and pulled off her parts perfectly.


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the winner is...

blackpink, jennie, and kpop image girl group, kpop, and jennie image
JENNIE: there was no debate w this one. jennie's rap, her outfits, her stage prescence, the outfits were everything. d4 was w/o a doubt jennie's era. rosie was a close second for me with her red hair ngl


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the winner is...

lisa, blackpink, and kpop image Image by Alina
LISA: lisa owned this era. her stage presence, her iconic 'here I come kick in the door', the ponytail at coachella. everything. chef's kiss.


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the winner is...

2020, clip, and rose image kim jisoo bp image
BLACKPINK + JISOO: everyone got their chance to shine with hylt. the line distribution and the outfits were fair and perfect. jisoo really stood out to me, her parts were so good, her red dress, and her hairstyles were everything

thank you for reading! if you made it to the end of the article, I really appreciate it. I hope you liked the article and I'm going to be writing a lot more.

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