Now I have seen MANY people hating or bashing ITZY due to them being under one of the "Big 3", and already having pre-exposure to the media in reality shows (Stray Kids, The Fan, MIXNINE, SIXTEEN, etc.). Well here I am after my LOOOOOONG hiatus to explain to you the breakdown of ITZY.

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This article will be the HARD TRUTH, so even though I stan ITZY, I will have to give you the tea. Now let us get started....


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Itzy is a very good dance group. Lia, is an average dancer, she lacks strength though and cannot always due the choreography at best. Ryujin, is a good dancer to me. Then Chaeryeong and Yuna are great dancers as well, not the best as Yeji but good. Then Yeji, she is amazing! She has stage prescence and is very good!

Now vocals can make or break a group. When you are listening to your favorite artist on Spotify, or iTunes, you aren't thinking about dance, or stage prescence. You are thinking about how GOOD the music sounds.

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With Itzy, their main vocalist Lia, is like Rose from BLACKPINK. She isn't a strong vocalist, and really could be a lead vocalist. Yeji, has good vocals, and like BLACKPINK is stable like Jisoo. Chaeryeong, Yuna, and Ryujin, have basic vocals. Their music still sounds good, but doesn't hit high notes.


Ryujin, the main rapper of ITZY, is decent. In "DALLA DALLA" she portayed not rapping, but more talking to a camera. In "ICY" she did more of a Slow, laid back rap. In "WANNABE" her rap was slightly faster but still slow and chill. Our Lead Rapper, Yuna, isn't very good. Well not saying she is bad at rapping but I haven't heard her rap in "DALLA DALLA", "WANNABE", or "ICY". So saying she is a "LEAD RAPPER" is kind of an overstatement.

Then there are the sub-rappers of the group such as Chaeryeong, Lia and Yeji. Now no doubt are they "HORRIBLE" rappers but their rap line isn't very strong. Lia, I have never heard her rap even though they gave her a "RAP" position, Yeji is okay but a better vocalist, and Chaeryeong, I've heard her rap maybe in "WANNABE".

I looked at their "ICY" stage and honestly they aren't the best at stage prescence. Maybe they debuted too young, who knows? But they don't seem as strong. I mean they might get better?

Well ITZY I have to admit, probably did get more popular due to being from JYP, and being the first girl group since the top girl group TWICE, giving them more momentum but they are also popular because.

  • They sing about important topics like "Being Different" (DALLA DALLA), Seeing that you are good (ICY), and being yourself (WANNABE)
  • The group has good music overall
  • They can dance really well
  • Good Vibes

Now are they the best thing since sliced bread? No. Are they better than TWICE? No. Should they be as popular as they are? Probably not. But the group isn't just plain BAD as fans make them seem. They are a good rookie group and didn't completely get popular because they are under JYP, because they are GOOD, INSPIRING, CATCHY, EMPOWERING, and RELATABLE.