I just want one person to take this risk. It's worth it. I promise.

With everything that has occurred in the world this year and that is to come in 2020, He's the only true hope you can have. The only light in the darkness. The only hand that you need to reach out and grasp when you're falling into the abyss. I know this because I've been lost and surrounded by darkness so many times, even when I didn't know. It is only because of Him that I can write this in faith and boldness.

My Testimony

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I was raised Christian, but somewhere along the line in these past years, astrology and witchcraft became unbelievingly fascinating. I didn't have to listen to a "big man in the sky" or follow guidelines that were no longer seen as "with the times". With my "spirit guides", my tarot cards and psychic readings, guided meditations and yoga, and every new age craft that's been repopularized in the West, I could do anything. Here's the selling point Satan leads with: "you can be our own god. With no rules but our own." But that was the issue. I spent years wrestling with the idea of God. I couldn't mix society's perspective of Jesus with what the Bible said and what I knew deep down. But I thought I knew better than the one who created me.

Hear Me Out

Give Jesus a chance. Give the one true God a chance. That's the only thing He's asking for. All you need to do is seek Him out and He will come to you. This isn't 99.999% guaranteed; it's 100% guaranteed.
I spent so much of my teen years, upset at a Man I never truly spoke to. Upset at the God, I never truly sought. Imagine trying to have a conversation with a stranger and instead of listening humbly, before they've even formed a reply, you already start your rebuttal. Filled with anger and your know-it-all attitude. That's what so many of us do to God.

I know many people have had horrid experiences with the Church, but human nature is not the nature of God. God is just and fair. Kind, loving, and patient. He is so merciful that none of us has to experience His wrath, He sent His only begotten son as a sacrifice. As a ransom for the world. He loves you, so just give Him a chance, before it's too late.

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If You Don't Know Where to Start

John 3 and Acts 2:17-21(focus on verse 21 😉)

Summary of Chapters

  • Jesus did not come to judge or condemn the world, He came to give you hope.
  • Anyone that comes to Him, shall be saved
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If you got this far, thanks so much! You can reach out to me anytime <3

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