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The triplets are three OC's that i have imagined for a year now. They are part of the MCU, Sherlock, Doctor Who and Supernatural universes.

name: Visenya
age: 75 (born 1955)
gender: female
sexuality: bisexual
ethnicity&nationality: russian/american
the witch
bridget stark
mila zhar


green, eyes, and eye image beauty, dark hair, and elegant image girl, shadow, and Devil image Image by ✧・゚:Cruella:・゚✧
green eyes, long black hair, tan skin, 5'4 no muscle, lean


equality, pussy power, and feminist image quotes image aesthetic and quotes image Image by Private User


appearance, beauty, and girl image black, art, and hands image smoke, witch, and magic image aesthetic image

powers~aerokensis, electrokensis, ferrokensis, flyrokensis, geokensis, hydrokensis, pyrokensis, umbrakensis, immortality, magic (spell casting)

skills~hand to hand combat, elemental fighting, multilingual

name: James
age: 75 (born 1955)
gender: male
sexuality: straight
ethnicity&nationality: russian/american
the devil
james moriarty
jim moriarty


abs, beard, and guy image handsome, James Bond, and men image boy, aesthetic, and love image boy, Hot, and sexy image
face claim=andrew scott, 6'3, muscular, brown eye


quotes and words image quotes and aesthetic image quotes image quotes and life image


robot image theme image aesthetic image rick and morty image

powers~teleportation of himself and what he touches, enhanced intelligence, immortality, enhanced strength, agility, and speed

skills~genius, hand to hand combat, multilingual

name: Sebastian
age: 75 (born 1955)
gender: male
sexuality: pansexual
ethnicity&nationality: russian/american
the beast
sebastain moran
charles grand


actor image boy, eyes, and aesthetic image boy, Hot, and sexy image bed, sexy, and boy image
face claim= micheal fassbander, 6'5, very muscly, short brown hair, blue eyes


aesthetic, draco malfoy, and green image quotes, fall, and stand up image Image by mack inspiring, positive, and quote image


wings, feather, and angel image chest, claws, and forest image light, power, and fire image angel, wings, and fire image

powers~ super strength (thor level strength), super speed, super agility, super stamina, super reflexes, three metal claws extending from his knuckles, increased healing factor (like deadpool), immortality

skills~ hand to hand combat, multilingual, expert mechanic


The children of Howard Stark and an unknown female, they where left at an orphanage in Europe soon after birth. At age five their powers began to mature and grow in strength and unpredictability. HYDRA heard of the children and because they where so young they saw them as the perfect opportunity. they where taken and sent to Russia where they where trained to be weapons of mass destruction. Lily a shapeshifter and the daughter of a HYDRA general trained and grow up with them. They where often sent on mission together as they where the perfect team. As HYDRA expanded into space Visenya was seperated from the group and forced to marry an alien inorder for HYDRA to prevent a conflict with his species. Soon after the wedding Visenya killed her husband and took control of his armies.
James and Lily fell in love and soon Lily became pregnant. They made the decision to get out. They all fled to Visenya's new kindgom where Lily gave birth to Olivia. Ten years later Lily became pregnant again and gave birth to Emma. After the birth HYDRA found them and killed Lily. In retaliation the sibilings destoryed many HYDRA bases and discoverd there file where they learnt of the ideantity of there father, Howard Stark and discovered they had a brother Tony.

Visenya went to met Tony and the told him of her life but not of her brothers.


fight, x-men, and michael fassbender image margot robbie, actress, and beauty image
lily (deceased)// visenya: best friends james: loved each other sebastain: best friends
beauty, fashion, and girl image mother and daughter image
olivia (16) and emma (6)// visenya: close relationship james: close father and daughter relationship sebastain: close but act like they dont like eachother
Marvel, winter soldier, and bucky barnes image sebastian stan, Marvel, and boy image
bucky barnes// visenya: dating james: friends, defensive over his sister sebastian: friends, defensive over his sister
Marvel, carol danvers, and Avengers image Marvel, brie larson, and captain marvel image
carol danvers// visenya: friends, where friends before carol met james james: dating, met through V, sceptical about each other at first then found common ground sebastain: friendly, protective of james
Avengers, Marvel, and robert downey jr image Avengers, iron man, and Marvel image
tony stark// visenya: close brother sister relationship james: friendly, sceptical of each other sebastain: friends, sceptical of each other

their relationship with each other is one of complete trust, love and support

quotes and fight image quotes, brother, and family image Image by HB Inspiring Image on We Heart It aesthetic, ashes, and black image quotes image black, death, and quote image punch, people, and quotes image quotes image Image by Private User Image by Private User amazing, black and white, and boyfriend image