Mizuki Suzuki

background, drawing, and fashion image lantern, tree, and lights image
Mizuki- meaning "beautiful moon" // Suzuki- meaning "bell tree"


aesthetic, beauty, and black image hair, hairstyle, and purple image eyes image blue, makeup, and beauty image


flowers, pink, and blue image moon, night, and stars image flowers, Dream, and nature image katana, japan, and sakura image
Mizuki is training to be a Hashira under Shinobu in the Butterfly Estate to become stronger & protect her 3 little sisters.


anime, pfp, and gif image anime, anime girl, and kawaii girl image sailor moon, anime, and usagi image anime, boku no hero academia, and my hero academia image


food, japan, and peach image daifuku image aesthetic, cake, and matcha image delicious, dinner, and food image
She has a fondness of sweets but also likes seafood dishes.

Breathing Style

gif, glitter, and stars image
stars, galaxy, and sky image stars, black, and dark image
Breath of Stars, branched off from Breath of Flame. Mizuki also has incredible eyesight.


aesthetic, aesthetics, and beautiful image japan, water, and asia image flowers, water, and pink image japan, gunma, and onsen tarakagawa image
Mizuki's family lived in a fishing village, as well as owning a small restaurant, where a large river connected with the sea. Until a pair of demons stomped into their village & killed everybody there, except Mizuki & her siblings, their parents killed before her eyes. She now wishes to track the demons & avenge her parents, and ask them why they spared a group of children.