I have to believe I'm not the only one who has "dream habits", those small activities that just by imagining ourselves doing them daily we fell more productive and glowed-up. But, I have to imagine I'm not the only one that sometimes just ... can't get myself to do them.

Then, comes the cycle of feeling guilty, undisciplined and just end up getting unmotivated about that habit, even though we were so excited about it just a week ago.

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That's about the time I just give up on doing the habit all together, and not only that, but go back to things that make me feel not so good, like laying in bed throught the entire morning.

But fear not I found a hack of sorts

but let me tell you

Please don't think this is a magic solve, bad days are going to happen and that's totally ok.
This is just a way I found to make it easier to not completely let go of the habits I'm trying to create.

presenting: the ideal routine

This is the routine you make when you are motivated, and hopefull, and you put down in your journal, or anywhere you want, what does your ideal day look like.

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What time do you wake up? How do you start your morning? Separate your afternoon into blocks of time, and determine how much of it you wanna spend with different focuses (studying, working, personal affairs). Which habits do you want to stick to in this routine? Write them down fully, considering they will be acted on by your most motivated self.

Now the hack: Your lazy routine

That same time you wake up? Make it a time period. (Instead of saying you have to wake at eigh o'clok, say you want to wake up between eight and nine in the morning). The way you wanted to start your morning? Find a easier version, one that takes little to no effort for your waking lazy brain.

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Those time blocks? Analyze which of those are your priority - these can shift depending on the day or week, so it's nice to always be aware that the best part of this lazy routine is that it is supposed to be addaptable for your lazy, not so motivated self - and maybe reduce the time you dedicate to each of them, do the minimum you have to do so that you don't feel like your piling up work for your future self, or hurting yourself by neglecting a deadline.

And those habits? Find 3 levels for them. The one you already made, cut out for your totally motivated self, then another one, just a little under the ideal realization, a little easier. For last, the self compassionate version, the one you idealize thinking about your not-so-motivated self, for a tired or floopy day. This version of the habit has to be very simple, take little time, and be so easy to do, that even your funky self is going to feel like "Well, I can at least do this".

It will seem like little, but doing this simplified version of your habit will make it easier for you to go back to it once you start getting yourself out of whatever funk you are in.

Hope this helps, and if you have any doubts, please do tell!

Beijos e abraços from Brazil!