Hello everyone!!! your friend la pisciana here, I really hope you are having a GREAT week and that you are taking care of yourself during this hard times we are living.

Recently I found a Podcast in spotify call the self-love fix, I know many people (including me) have struggles with their self-steem, so far I have really find it useful and I love Beatrice´s voice (the host), that´s why today I wanted to share with you guys a summary of the first audio where you can identify if you truly are walking into self love. I hope you enjoy it.

1. you don´t compare yourself to others

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2. You listen to your body

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Listen to the signals your body give you. For example, If you feel uncomfortable in a place just leave, you don´t owe anyone anything, you dont have to worry about people thinking you are unpolite or too uptight, the only thing you need to worry about is how you feel.

3. Form boundaries

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Form and know your boundaries and more important learn how to communicate those boundaries to other people.

4. State of Gratitude

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Be thankful for all the opportunities, for the people in your life, the things you have, for your body and every single cell that conform it.

5.Company that uplifts your spirit

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I know this one can be really hard, because sometimes even our own family its not a good company, personally during all my life I have had some toxic friendships that I didn´t want o let go because I was afraid of being alone. Nowadays, I don´t have a lot of friends however I know that the ones that I have love me for who I truly am and they are people that help me grow into my better version everyday.

6. No negative self talk

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I think all of us have been there at least once in our life, calling ourselves stupid or asking why we have certain characteristic in our body, but please we need to avoid this to be nice with us, think about it, you will treat others the way you are treating yourself?

7. Don´t get defensive when someone criticize you

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This one is a tough one but we have to learn how to accept critics even if they are destructive. If it is soething you can´t change don´t torture yourself about it and if is something you can change and will help you be better just go for it.

As always THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading, I really appreciate it, I hope this article can help you with your jouney and btw sorry for my english, I still learning.


this is the link of the podcast (just click on it , its 100000 better than this article)
and also follow her on instagram, you ont regret i;)

I send you all my best energies and wishes
with love,