Hi beuties , lets get to the point.

I recently went through my first heartbreak. that shit HURTS! But i guess that how life is unexpected right? lessons need to be learnt . I have been praised for handling the situation so well and thinking with me head and being very mature about the situation.


1) Don't Respond when you are still emotional: I was certain if i were to talk to the " Man" i will speak from anger. so i decided to take a break removed myself from any social media in case I Impulsively decided to show my crackheadness.
i spend the day watching some HARRY POTTER

2) Becoming logical after distancing myself and reliving my emotional pain . I started becoming logical thinking about what happened and what caused this . finding reasoning around this, even though it was hard to be positive but I had to try shift my perception and look in another way.(good thing i'm a Gemini )

3) Contact him and spill i made sure that after i leave i didn't want to leave with regret and not knowing what i did wrong or telling him how i really felt(If you know me i live a life with no regrets.). I ended it very wisely mutually and wished each other well.

4) Talk and cry
Delight why are you allowing crying that for the weak, no hunny you got it all wrong. I cried 3 days straight. its a homeostatic control. I like to believe crying helps control the emotions and bring it back to its neutral state. Holding back the tears will only just break you my love. Cry for atleast 3 days after that you are done get over him

build that bridge to cross over the river of tear that were from him.

(never cry for him ever again don't waste water for a man there is drought in Africa)

talk find someone you are close to and talk to them about what happened and this will help you get different perception. even hearing the good old" he is such a dick" could make you feel better and someone giving you hope that you two were meant to be and will find your way back is such a good validation it may be true or not but atleast your hopeful now not sad.

6) Get back to your life love : gradually start doing thing. start of slow waking up early and brushing your teeth doing your face. meditating( not gonna lie my first trying to meditate was hard . i could feel and hear my heart crying ) but i made sure i tried. the little things . do thing that make you feel so damn good. Being productive helped me i felt like i had a purpose and felt proud of myself. i took on the chloe ting challenges which i made it my habit to do this made me feel so good and confident .

  • Don't check up on their socials
  • Don"t try find closure by texting them(honey they left you so no don't chase)
  • Passively aggressively post on your situation to get their attentions
  • Tell the world about what your going through( They could care less and just find entertainments through your misery).
  • Speak terrible things about that person
  • Don't get a rebound(lets not even start there please)
  • Post anything that relates .

ADVICE: You are deserving of love and you will get it.
Don't ever be bitter about the relationship be grateful you got to experience it , and sit and find some life lessons you learnt from there. This is an opportunity to focus on yourself and teach yourself how to love yourself

Thank you for reading this might make a video for you.
for anyone going through this im here for you add me on tumblr to talk abou t it @randomsworld

you are worthit it and deserving of love .