Hello people!

Blessed to be awake another morning and I am happy to take on this tag. I am pretty sure every girl has planned her future wedding, despite the age or relationship status, there's something about the white dresses and sparkly diamonds that allure you to scroll through Pinterest for hours.


1. Where do you want your proposal?

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If I had to pick a place for my proposal, I would choose to revisit the place we had our first date...
Or anywhere meaningful to both of us.

2. What is your ideal wedding ring?

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Unlike most girls, I tend to prefer small and thin rings.

3. Where will the wedding take place?

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Oh! I will for sure have my wedding ceremony at a painted church, and the rest of the night can take place at any pretty venue.

4. What kind of dress do you want?

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I find the long-sleeve, cinderella dresses to be stunning.

5. What are the bridesmaids wearing?

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A simple cream satin dress would be cute.

6. What does your bouquet look like?

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A small colorful bouquet.

7. Who is your maid of honor?

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My sister, I know I can count on her honest opinions. Also, she knows me so well... only she would plan the greatest bachelorette party.

8. How many bridesmaids do you want?

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Just one maid of honor and like five bridesmaids.

9. Veil or no veil?

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Veil! I want one that is covered in detail.

10. How is your hair done?

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I wouldn't want anything over the top, so I would probably just leave my hair down in loose waves.

11. What does your makeup look like?

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I would have a natural makeup look.

12. What does your wedding cake look like?

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My wedding cake would be different from the typical wedding cake for sure, but I imagine it would look like these.

13. What color are your nail?

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Pastel-pink almond-shaped nails.

14. Winter or summer wedding?

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Neither, I would probably schedule it in the fall.

15. Is there a particular month you'd like to marry?

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I would choose October, because of the weather and it is also the most important month for my family.

16. Where is your honeymoon?

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Santorini Island

17. Will you get an event planner?

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18. How many people will you invite?

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I really don't want a big wedding. I have always dreamt of having just family and really close friends.

19. Which earrings will you be getting?

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Diamond jewelry is very elegant, but I don't think I want to carry heavy jewelry.

20. Would you have a photographer or videographer?

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Both, I don't want to forget a second of my wedding.

21. Save the date or invitations?

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save the date

23. would you consider pre-marital counseling?

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24. would you rather see a video of the event or get a photo album made?

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A photo album would be beautiful to keep and pass down to future generations.

25. is there a perfect song you have in mind for the first dance?

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This is a tough question to answer! Like, I'd choose Lover or _ Invisible Sring by Taylor Swift, but then there's

26. One must have?

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God's blessing.

Now, this is the end of the article and it was so much fun!
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