Story: The Zodiac

The Zodiac is a planet composed of twelve kingdoms who worship four Elemental Gods. In the highest places of the Zodiac live the three air tribes, devote followers of Sahakmah, Goddess of the Sky and Wisdom.

The Geminis live on top of the mountains, right under the watchful eye of their God: Ambriel. Their city is ruled by the scholars, citizens that are of adult age.

The prophecy has been long forgotten, the Geminis sure that their intelligence protected them from it.

One day, twelve children of each kingdom will turn on their own people. Under the blessing of the fallen god To, they will destroy this world and the gods you worship.

For you, Geminis, this child shall be made of two different souls

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  • Name: Galen Raghnall
  • Age: 15
  • Family: Just their dad, Aubin Raghnall.


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They have medium length black hair, and two different colored eyes.


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Galen is a child under a lot of pressure, they feel like they have to be the very best and everyone else seems to think so too. But still, Galen is a very curious and determined kid, even though it can be hard for them to get their point across.


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Galen is the only child of Aubin Raghnall, one of the most prestigious scholars of the Gemini city. And everyone around them reminds them of that fact every day. They have so many expectations thrown upon them, and one tiny mistake is all it takes for everyone in the city to question their worth as the sole Raghnall heir. And it's not like their father is there to comfort them. After all, since the disappearance of their mother soon after their birth, Galen's father has lost all interest in them. But that doesn't stop Galen. One day, they'll prove to everyone that they aren't just a clumsy child. One day, they'll make their father see them.


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Galen is a knowledge sponge, literally. Everything they see, learn, hear, experience, they remember. That, and they can nullify any type of magic.


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Galen likes learning, so reading and talking to others is something they enjoy. It's familiar and relaxing for them. They also like writing, as it allows them to share their thought without the fear of their foot getting in their mouth.


Galen follows a lot of different lectures in the city and they know quite a lot of scholars and other students.

Aubin Raghnall

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People always praise Galen's dad. They all want to know how it is to be the child of such an important figure. But Galen wouldn't know, it's not like they ever saw their dad outside of their study.

Scholar Reeves

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Scholar Reeves is a strict teacher, always making sure her students know who makes the rule in here. But she is a great person, wanting the success of every student she has. Galen is proud to be under her teaching.

So yeah, that's about it? I hope you all enjoyed it.