hi! welcome to day six of the ’30 days writing challenge’. today, i’ll tell you about where i would go if i could run away. i had never thought about that before so this was completely new to me. i hope you like it.

🌻 day vi: if you could run away, where would you go?.

📌 inverness, scotland

ruin, scotland, and inverness image hotel, scotland, and inverness image blue, christmas, and happy image city, river, and landscape image
i don’t have family outside of chile, so this is just a place that i loved to visit and runaway from the bad reality that I must have, to make the decision to leave. is such a beautiful city, small but big in culture and history. i can imagine myself reading and listening to music while staring at the rivers in the sunset.

i hope you liked this article. for this one i didn’t have any ideas, it came out of nowhere. i hope i get to share more with you tomorrow in the day seven of the ’30 days writing challenge’.

thank you for reading! and remember to treat people with kindness!

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