Its funny. About a month ago I wrote about having a really bad day.
Yet these days I've been feeling incredible!

Nothing huge has changed with my day to day really. Honestly, my daily routine is pretty much exactly the same as it has been since this pandemic hit.

A few minor things I did change though that have totally changed my mindset is this.

1. I wake up earlier.

I work from home and start my day roughly between 8am.
So I made myself wake up between 6-6:30am. Giving myself enough time to truly wake up. It takes me a while to wake up in the morning…Even after a strong cup of coffee. Waking up this early honestly just lets me ease into the day and gives me some extra ME time. As an introverted person constantly talking to people all day trust me this is needed!

Its not easy though. In the beginning its so tough to pull yourself out of bed.. but I continue to tell myself its worth it and I need it.

2. Morning Routine

I know this has been repeated so many times absolutely everywhere but trust it makes a difference. When you wake up in the morning your all groggy and its so easy to just snuggle back in bed or hit snooze a million times, until you realize you’ve hit snooze for almost an hour straight (lol I’m so guilty of this) I get it …but when you have a morning routine it helps your brain and body get into auto pilot and get your day started.

3. Gratitude

Start being grateful for the little things in your life. Make lists. Set a timer and just think about what makes you happy and thank full! You will realize you have more than you thought you did and it will instantly bring you to a more positive headspace. I love to do this in the morning so that I start my day on a positive note or whenever I feel myself getting a bit negative about my current situation.

These small things have made a big difference for me. It helps me feel grounded.

Our mindset is so important. We need to train our minds and be conscious of our thoughts.

- Z