7:00- Bruh who the fuck is awake at 7
8:00- Seriously, why do you people wake up so early?
10:00- okay I'm out of my 12 hour coma and my brain cells are starting to work again but i'm still sleeping
11:00- my family at this point is fully awake but here i am ignoring their existence
12:00- okay I've opened my eyes and have started to build up the energy to sit up
1:00- Whoops looks like it's lunch time lol my bad
2:00- Time to turn on the wifi and finish the rest of Attack on Titan Season 2
3:00- Attack on Titan Season 3 is also great
4:00- shut up cicadas
5:00- Oh, ur turning off the wifi? Looks like i have to ready my spare memes for the next two hours
6:00- something smells like food but didn't i just eat lunch
7:00- Looks like everybody is in their room, time to masturbate
8:00- wow, i'm actually not tired
9:00- You guys are going to sleep? But I haven't even taken my daily breath of outside air-oh wait, that's illegal
10:00- It's funny how you guys fall asleep so fast. Like i'll count to 30 and ur out cold IS THAT NORMAL
11:00- i'm hungry i think i want ramen
12:00- I couldn't find my soda so I took the blue on. Budweiser flavored soda tastes weird- HOLY FUCK THE ROOM IS ON FIRE
1:00 am- questions the existence of everything created by God and also him
2:00- at this point i don't know why the fuck i'm still awake
3:00- My eyes tell me to go to sleep but my brain tells me to read gay fanfiction
4:00- pls help i really don't know how to add 5/10+5/4
5:00- oh look, it that the sun on the horizon?
6:00- I now just felt tired
7:00- I'm asleep and it feels great
8:00- I'm having a cool dream about flying around in space while whipping cows AM I OKAY
9:00- stop making noise, I want to know how these cows are going to fuck each other
10:00- Okay, my 4 to 5 hours of sleep has proved effective, i can still move my body
11:00- why do I feel like running why am i not tired
12:00- Hello world! Time for my caffeinated tea that will make up for the sleep i lost- I'VE USED UP THE HONEY I'M FUCK-
1:00- wait if today is Sunday, why am i not at churc- OH