aesthetic, alternative, and brown hair image aesthetic, beauty, and tumblr image
gorgeous eyes, dimples and the loveliest of smiles, freckles, curly hair which is often in a messy bun


Image removed peace, roses, and vacation image graphic tee, jeans, and leather jacket image Temporarily removed
laid back style, looks like she stepped off the set of friends or out of a chill 90s rock band


book image author, book, and books image
a huge bookworm and an incredibly talented writer

what her room would look like:

interior, aesthetic, and bedroom image aesthetic, home, and plants image plants, bedroom, and desk image plants, bedroom, and home image
huge sucker for plants and windows


quotes, game, and words image camera, indie, and girl image food, strawberry, and aesthetic image music, vintage, and record image
an artistic soul all the way. she feels like a summer breeze that brings you back to life and brightens your mood immediately. she has a sort of old soul and is one of the kindest and most compassionate people you will ever meet.