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Im still feel sad but all that we can do is continue with our lives and dont forget people who we love, so today I'll make this tag I read it so long time ago but I havent writen it until today so .. this is my Country Tag


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1| What is your favourite place in your country?

  • Well I'm not an active traveler but I really like "Amecameca" it's a little town but there are a lot ot beautiful places to visit. I love go there because you can see the "Popocatépetl and Iztaccíhuatl" volcanos. They have an amazing and romantic myth. But above all, you can see them from every place in the town and when its a sunny day you can see the white snow shine in their highest.
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  • I also love "Taxco" with all my heart. It's very beautiful. It has a lot of ancient and colorful houses. This place is famous for silver, you can find silver in rings, necklaces, bracelets, hair ornaments and a lot of things more.
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2| Does your country have access to the sea?

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  • yup, two .. In Mexico there is a greater ocean surface (65%) than land (35%), similar to the ratio of water to land on the planet. The two acces are the Mexican Pacific, including the gulfs of California and Tehuantepec, and the Atlantic, with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea ... btw is one of most popular countries for tourists because a lot of coast, beach

3| Name some popular traditional dishes.

  • Tacos (most important and famous)
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These are the originals, please don't confuse our mexican tacos with that tra$h which has a hard and brittle cover! is so sad when people think that we eat dishes like that.
  • Pozole
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this dish has a lot of varieties, different condiments and additional ingredients, it depends in which part of the country you are
  • Tamales
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filling with chicken, pork, beef, beans, green/red chili or the sweet variety with strawberry, pineapple, blackberry...

4| Which alcoholic beverage is the favoured one in your country?

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Well I'm not drink a lot but I like wine (which can be from anywhere in the world) and the Mezcal, this is a distilled alcoholic beverage made from any type of agave. Some people say that drink Mezcal dont make hangover but idk.

I like that quote "Para todo mal, mezcal, y para todo bien, también." (It means "For everything bad, mezcal, and for everything good, as well.")"

5| Do you get confused with other nationalities? If so, which ones?

Of course, usually with all latin american countries, this is very common but idk I suppos its ok, we've similar history but I think that all these countries would like to have their own recognition, after all each one has incredible things but when people believes that you are an extension of another country or that they name you "Mexican" for speaking Spanish can be annoying, please ask people for nationality before confusing them with a mexican ..they can bothering for that.

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Sometimes people confuse some mexican traditions with spanish traditions too... I mean yup we were "colonized" by Spain and we have similars customs but we're so different, even our language... we have same words but dont mean the same. Some words in castellan can be bad words in Mexico. For example the word "coger" that means "take" in Spain means "F*ck" in Mexico (sorry for this but its a good example).

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6| Which of your neighboring countries would you like to visit?

I want to visit U.S.A of course but I want to visit Cuba and Guatemala before

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7| Share some words from your native language that you like the most:

  • I like "Apapachar" from Nahuatl "papatzoa", which means to soften something with your fingers. Sometimes this word translates as "hug/hugging."

But in fact "Apapachar" is when you want to someone feel better. "Apapachas" someone when you try to make a person who feels bad / is sick / you love, feel good. They aren´t just hugs, you can kiss, caress, and say loving and support words.

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For example when you "apapachas" your boyfriend, you can hug him, kiss, touch his hair or just let him sleep or rest in your arms.
You "apapachas" your baby when he is crying and then you hug him, cradle him, pat him on the back and tell you love him.

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I think it's a nice word, cuz it means to doing all those kind things for someone who needs you.

  • Chocolate. I love chocolate with all my heart but I'm a little allergic ... it's a disaster for me.

Well you know, this word comes from xocolātl which means "foamy water". The origins of this substance has its roots in the history of the Olmecs and Mayans.
Chocolate is made by cocoa, and in the ancient it was considerer like an "Elixir of the Gods".

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8| Does your country have specific superstitions or traditions that might seem strange to outsiders?


  • I think for many people the "Dia de muertos" is still strange, as well as the use of skulls to decorate. I think it is cuz foreign people think that we celebrate the death of our loved ones, but its not so, we dont celebrate that someone died. The Dia de muertos is to celebrate that someone from our family lived and that we can continue remembering them through the years, we show them our love by leaving their favorite dishes in the "offerings" we make.

In my case we have a cousin who died 5 years ago, in our offering there should always be coffee, coca-cola, fried foods and sweets cuz she loved to eat sweets. For my grandmother, my mother cooks sweet pumpkin and we leave drink like tequila, in addition to water and sometimes we even leave cigarettes.

This is done cuz its believed that they are granted "permission" to be able to feel flavors and sensations for a day. Something that almost nobody knows, besides those who celebrate the day of the dead, is that there is not a single day celebrated, our offerings are placed on a multi-level table on the night of October 31 to receive unborn children and babies. The celebration as such takes place on November 1 and 2, when all the spirits are celebrated.
We pray and in some areas of the country the night is spent in the pantheons. At the end of the celebration, all the dishes and drinks of the offering are tasted and sometimes if there is a lot of food its common given to neighbors or friends. It is important to say also that not all of Mexico does it, it depends on their religion and personal traditions.

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9| Which stereotype about your country you hate the most and which one you somehow agree with?

I hate the stereotype of the Mexican people sitting under a cactus wearing a giant hat while drinking tequila. I mean, do you know that in Mexico the minimum workday is 8 hours? But it doesn't matter cos in the end most of them work up to 12 hours cos the salary is not enough. There are times when we have to go to work and we also have a family business at night cos the taxes are very high. In my case, I have not seen my father half of my life although we live together, cos he works so much and it's impossible to talk to him.

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Another thing, its really difficult to find a desert place with cacti and a bar like the "old west" in Mexico, the capital is considered one of the largest cities in the world, cos there is not a single place where there are no houses or buildings. Elsewhere there are inhabited desert places but I assure you that no one sits on the ground to get drunk.

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Oh and not all women are like Frida Khalo or Selena Quintanilla. I dont wear clothes like Frida and I dont have a body like Selena...

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10| Share a saying, a joke or a hermetic meme that only people from your country will get it:

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11| Do you enjoy your country's cinema and TV?

Sometimes, I mean old mexican tv was better but cinema is started to be good at the two last years.. I like some mexican comedy movies but I watch movies from all the world so...

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12| Are you interested in your country's history?

Of course, I love Mexico's history is so interesting, we had a lot of gods, a lot of traditions. My country was one of the most powerful in the region (before the colonization). And after that, it was interesting too, I mean it we had a lot of fights, blood, like an action movie. Dont get me wrong, violency is horrible and a lot of people died then is easy to see like a fantasy cos we arent there but my great grandfather was a child when the "Revolucion" happend, he told me that was common hide in trees when his family traveled, cos you could found outlaws or soldiers and that was so dangerous. But if i know something.. is that every action had a purpose, a motivation... my country was builded above a lot of histories..

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13| Do you like your country's flag and emblem? What about the national anthem?

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Of course my emblem is an eagle eating a snake standing on a nopal .. that's amazing and the meaning is so incredible .. it has a myth.
And my national anthem .... is about war, blood, and I really like this verse:
"Un soldado en cada hijo te dio" (in each child you have a soldier). All the verses are so strong, and poetical... i really love it

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14| Which sport is the sport in your country?

I think football

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15| Mention some reasons why your country is popular to other countries:

Idk... food? no im pretty sure that's because of Narcos culture and because of the funny/thief mexican characters in movies

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16| Do you like to come from another place, be born in another country?

I'm very proud of being mexican.. if i have to choose a country... I really like Japan and Greece

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17| What makes you proud of your country and what makes you ashamed?

  • Im very proud of our history, our food, our force in bad times...
  • I'm ashamed of the bad reputation of my country caused by violence, drug traffickers and our deficient and ignorant government which in recent years this has been really lacking and useless ..
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18| Is your native language difficult to be learned?

Well, Spanish is difficult cos the use of the "r" the "ll" and the "ñ". I think the most difficult thing is the pronunciation. After that, in Mexico there are many words that have more than one meaning, so once you learn basic Spanish, the next thing is to learn the different daily expressions.

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