Maybe her birthday is coming up, or perhaps you want to get her something you know she will truly appreciate on valentines day. Either way, we both know that cute little necklace or rose isn't going to cut it with her.

Don't panic!

In this article I will list the best gifts for your true crime obsessed loved one.

1. Lock Picking Kit

riverdale aesthetic, riverdale, and betty cooper image

If they don't already know how to pick a lock they probably want to!
Here are a few good options:

2. Compass

compass image

Get her a cute vintage or retro looking compass so that when she eventually gets lost in the woods (we've all been there right? No?)

3. Fingerprint Lifting Kit

peggy carter and aesthetic image

This is something I desperately want. Perfect for her obsession with forensic science that you don't completely understand.

4. This adorable patch!

Temporarily removed

It is sold on Frog & Toad Press and is only $5! May have just bought one for myself. (Bonus: It glows in the dark!)

5. Tape Recorder

diane, fbi, and dale cooper image

You may be thinking, "why would you want this when you could just use your phone?" but trust me, she will love it.
Bonus points if it is disguised as a pen!

6. Top Secret Stamp.

secret image

Do I even need to explain?

7. Love Letter

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If you must write a vomit inducing sappy love letter at least put in the effort to write it in fun little serial killer magazine cut out letters.

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