hi everyone! I hope y'all are having an amazing day and that you guys are taking care of yourselves! For this article, I am going to stray away from using lots of fantasy related stuff because I know that having an identity crisis is real (lmao I kinda have one), but you should not let yourself be persuaded to be someone else because it's important to know who u are, to love and cherish yourself, and to have fun! So this article will give all of u amazing potatoes some tips on how to love yourself. : )

1. Okay so first things first is to explore your passions. What do u enjoy most? If it feels right to you, do it! Exploring different passions is pretty helpful to find out who you really are. Try a few new hobbies such as potato painting(cut into half of a potato, paint it, and stamp it on some pieces of paper), embroidery, playing a musical instrument, or cooking good and healthy foods for your body! But obviously, there are infinite options on what you can do so it's up to you to decide.

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2. Live without any regrets. So I get it, this one is pretty hard because we all regret at least one thing that has happened to us in the past or something, but you can make sure that whatever happened in the past won't happen in the future by telling yourself to move on. As hard as it is and the fact that I honestly don't know what any of you are going through, try looking at the world in a different perspective or being grateful for everything that you have and not always wanting something. Even those small tips can really brighten your day and it doesn't take a lot of effort. You just need the belief that you can do it and get through any hurdles that you have faced. And think about the people who care about you that usually helps for me and just knowing that there are people out there who love and care for you(this can be anyone for example parents, spouse, friends, guardians, family, etc.)just gives me butterflies in my stomach.

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3. Don't change. I know this is an obvious one like ur probably reading this and agreeing that it is way too obvious, but it's true. For me, I have always loved the idea of being a disney princess and I think when I was first introduced to them, I really had trouble finding out who I was meant to be as if I had to choose, but I couldn't. It's not that I was comparing body types, I was really just comparing personalities and it made me upset that every time I chose one of them, I would go down the list of their personality, story, and actions to see how much it related to me and my life, but I really didn't find one that suited me. I went circling through all of them, but it didn't change. But honestly as u are reading this, I decided that today would be my chance to try and not be one of them but to be myself and I think now, that is honestly what matters. I know that this quick story isn't like life threatening or whatever and I wasn't body shaming myself or something, I just don't and still don't know who I am and plenty of people relate to that too. But yea as I mentioned above, pls don't try and compare yourself to others. You are so special and beautiful in your own way!**insert heart emoji lmao I can't use emojis on this computer rip me**

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4. Enjoy life and have a lot of fun! This one is pretty explanatory so I don't think I need to say a lot for this step. But some fun things you can do are bike rides, walking outside with some music, hang out with the people that you love, go berry picking, go camping, plant thing I guess, play board games, go to the beach, dance in your room(my personal favorite lmao), invite people to a dinner party(depending on how u feel about spreading covid but yea that one is up to u), create a scrapbook diary thing, and yea! I am sort of out of ideas lmao but those are some fun ones. Enjoy!

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And here are some other good tips/quotes that are probably better then what I just said for this article lmao:

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And finally, here are some cuties that want to tell u that u r amazing, loved and special:

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